Extradition refers to the transfer of an accused criminal from one country to another. In the best of circumstances, extradition reflects a fundamental agreement between civilized nations that sufficiently serious crimes must not go unpunished. However, extradition is often used for political purposes, not just legal ones.

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Karan S. Thukral

Karan S. Thukral

New Delhi, India www.karanthukral.com
NRI Adoption, NRI Divorces, Family Property Disputes, Wills, Criminal, Arbitration, All NRI Cases
Phone+91-9999009339 or +91-9899551105

Karan S. Thukral provides Legal Services to both Indian as well as Foreign Clients. In addition to the personal attention, we work with the local Indian authorities and your Indian associates to study your case from various legal aspects and aggressively represent you, assuring you...

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Thukral Global Immigrations

Thukral Global Immigrations

New Delhi, India www.thukralimmigrations.in
Immigration Lawyers, Visa Refusals-Appeals, Visa Applications, Extradition & Citizenship Law Firm
Phone+91 9999009339 or +91 9899551105

Thukral Global Immigrations has a team of expert and prudent Immigration Lawyers and advisers with a very high success rates who give personalized advise for immigration to various countries.
Your case reviewed by our experienced Immigration Lawyers and Advisers who will research...

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Srivastava & Associates

Srivastava & Associates

New Delhi, India www.salawoffices.com
Full- Service Law Office in New Delhi
Phone+91 9899628833

SA Law Offices is a leading New Delhi based law firm that provides a spectrum of legal services to its domestic and international clients, which include multinational public and private companies and other corporate entities.
The firm has a dedicated team of professionals including...

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Bimal Kumar & Associates

Bimal Kumar & Associates

New Delhi, India
Civil Law Firm in New Delhi, India
Phone+91 9810618369

Bimal Kumar and Associates is a well known and reputed Law firm for the past two decades. It has a team of Expert Legal Professional for dealing with all Kinds of Litigations including Aviation Law, Banking law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Labour Law,...

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  • DJS Legal - Attorneys at Law

    New Delhi, India

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone 01145214400

    DJS LEGAL is a full service law firm dedicated to fulfilling the high expectations of the clients. We are dedicated to deliver the best possible strategies in view of the individualistic concerns of our clients. The Firm works hard to keep abreast of emerging legal issues and developments that...

  • International Law Affiliates

    New Delhi, India

    Full Service Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in New Delhi, India

    Phone +91 11 41012000
  • Mann Law Barristers and Solicitors

    New Delhi, India

    Immigration, Business, Criminal & Family Attorneys

    Phone 905 565 5770

    The offices of Mann Law are located near the boundary of the cities of Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario. We provide premier legal services in the Greater Toronto Area. We are backed by extensive experience in representing individuals, as well as corporations, in a wide range of practice areas....

  • RSB League

    New Delhi, India

    Full-Service Law Firm in India

    Phone +91-9810465109

    RSB League Consultants, Attorneys & Solicitors is a full-service Law Firm established in New Delhi, India. Specializes in corporate and foreign investment matters as well as international arbitration, civil matters including property/estate disputes, criminal matters including drug offences,...

  • SRGR Law Offices

    New Delhi, India

    Full Service Law Firm in India

    Phone +91 120 4333884

    SRGR Law Offices brings over 55 years of cumulative professional experience of its four founding partners who possess professional qualifications in law and accountancy.; SRGR is especially adept in handling large sized complex corporate transactions like Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate...

  • The Law Associates

    New Delhi, India

    Foreign Investment, Company Formation, Corporate & Full-Service Law Firm in India

    Phone +91 11 46523668

    It is an international law firm based in New Delhi, India, having vast experience of both in corporate as well as litigation sector. This law firm is being controlled by experienced legal attornies having exprtise in their respective fields. The added advantage of this law firm is that it has the...

  • Vaish Associates Advocates

    New Delhi, India

    Full Service Law Firm, India

    Phone +91 (11) 4249-2525

    Vaish Associates Advocates is full service law firm based in New Delhi, India with their additional office in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bengaluru, having more than 100 qualified lawyers and professional and a total staff strength of more than 175 persons including para legals, providing legal services to...


  • Vocem Juris

    New Delhi, India

    Vocem Juris (The voice of Law) Advocates & Solicitors is dynamic full service law firm.

    Phone +91 (011) 41641616

    “Vocem Juris” is a young and dynamic full service law firm. The firm has a dedicated team of skilled and competent lawyers who have experience in a wide variety of legal matters. The firm provides a broad spectrum of legal services and has an active litigation and corporate practice. It represents...

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