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Koep & Partners

Koep & Partners

Windhoek, Namibia
Legal Services
Phone+264 61 382800

Koep & Partners offers a comprehensive and multifaceted legal service to clients with business interests in Southern Africa. We are committed to giving quality service accurately and expeditiously.

Law Firm's Overview 

  • Conradie & Damaseb

    Windhoek, Namibia

    Business, Maritime & Transportation Law Firm in Namibia

    Phone +264 61 224415

    Conradie & Damaseb provides legal services in civil and commercial maters.

  • Cronje & Co

    Windhoek, Namibia

    Namibian Investment Attorneys

    Phone 264813198200

    We are a firm of Namibian attorneys who specialize in assisting groups in starting and managing their operations in Namibia. We provide unique and specialised services to clients who intend to enter the Namibian economy.

  • E.K Kasuto Legal Practitioners

    Windhoek, Namibia

    Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Criminal law

    Phone +264 61 247184
  • Ellis & Partners

    Windhoek, Namibia

    Highly Experienced in Corporate and Commercial Law

    Phone 264-61-309111

    Ellis & Partners a Corporate / Commercial practitioner specialising in mining, financing, energy, aviation and fishing mergers and acquisitions.

  • Ellis Shilengudwa

    Windhoek, Namibia

    Namibian Commercial Lawyers

    Phone +264 61 242224

    Ellis Shilengudwa was founded by its current senior partner in February 1997. From the outset, we rendered exclusively commercial legal services, which is unlike any other Namibian firm of legal practitioners. We only deviate from this policy in as far as it can supplement our commercial legal...

  • ENSafrica

    Swakopmund, Namibia

    Business, Trade & Finance Law Firm in South Africa

    Phone +264 64 415 380

    ENSafrica is Africa’s largest law firm with over 600 practitioners and was established over 100 years ago.; The firm has a breadth and depth of experience and specialist expertise that spans all commercial areas of law, tax, forensics and IP and benchmarks itself according to international...

    Other Offices: Windhoek

  • LorentzAngula Inc. (Mike Bottger)

    Windhoek, Namibia

    Corporate & Commecial Law Practice

    Phone +264 61 379719

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