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Borsam Intellectual Property

Borsam Intellectual Property

Shenzhen, China
Full Service Intellectual Property Law Firm in China
Phone+86 (755) 8207-8123

Borsam Intellectual Property has offices in Shenzen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, and Fuzhou and deals with intellectual property matters in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the US, and Europe. Our practice areas include patent and trademark application and prosecution, copyright registration and...

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Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm

Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm

Shenzhen, China
European Business Law Firm in China

Dudkowiak & Kopec is a business and corporate law firm with office China. We provide legal services, litigation, and arbitration regarding company incorporation and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, property purchase and real estate, construction, insurance, debt collection,...

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China Law Firm, Guangdong

China Law Firm, Guangdong

Shenzhen, China
International Law Firm in Shenzhen, China
Phone+86 (755) 2837-1101

The name of our firm is: China Law Firm, Guangdong. We have been processing cases in which one party is non-Chinese for more than 10 years. We are specialized in criminal defense, litigation, arbitration. Till October 30, 2016 we have 5 certified Chinese lawyers.

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Dodge Zhong Partners

Dodge Zhong Partners

Shenzhen, China
International Lawyers in Shenzhen, China
Phone+86 159 2064 2537

Dodge Zhong Partners (DZP) is an international law firm based in Irvine, California and Guangdong, China. DZP was formed after China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). The founders of DZP recognized that by China joining the WTO, business opportunities between China and the...

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Grandall Law Firm

Shenzhen, China
One of the largest law firms in China
Phone+86 755 83515666

Grandall Law Firm is a leading full-service Chinese corporate and commercial law firm with 10 offices around China, strategically located in the major investment centers of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Tianjin, Chengdu, Ningbo and Fuzhou, as well as...

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  • Caruso & Associates

    Shenzhen, China

    Corporate, Transactional and Business Attorneys in China

    Phone +86 755 82719220

    Caruso and Associates has been in China and Asia-Pacific for 12 years. We advise foreign (non-Chinese) Corporations and individuals on entering the China market which includes corporate structuring, tax, risk management, labor and compliance as well as representation in disputes with Chinese...

  • China Commercial Law Firm

    Shenzhen, China

    Corporate and Investment Lawyers in Shenzhen, China

    Phone +86 (139) 2523-8952

    China Commercial Law Firm is rapidly expanding, and has now been ranked the top 10 largest law firm in the country. The firm's team of foreign and Chinese-licensed attorneys, fluent in both English Cantonese, and Chinese, are all highly qualified, diversified in culture and background, most of...

  • Guang He Law Firm

    Shenzhen, China

    Full-Service Provider in Shenzhen, China

    Phone +86 (755) 8367-9909

    Guang He Law Firm was founded in Shenzhen in April of 1995.The past 15 years has witnessed a fast development of GH Law Firm, which to some extent, is a reflection of overall economic and social development of China. To date, Guanghe has risen to be a leading comprehensive law firm in China. With...

  • Guangdong Jin Zhuoyue Law Firm

    Shenzhen, China

    Claims and Debts, Contract Dispute, Enterprise Establishment Attorneys in China

    Phone +86 (755) 8293-4388

    Law Firm Excellence in Guangdong gold adhere to the "Insider, there are misgivings solution must have care must be assumed, it is difficult must help" as the excellent purpose; to "go beyond a day of self, always striving for excellence" as the excellent spirit; to " based on professional...

  • Guangdong Wansheng Law Firm

    Shenzhen, China

    Investment, Business & Commercial, International Trade Law Firm in China

    Phone +86 (755) 8358-0955

    Guangdong Wansheng Law Firm is one of the most successful law firms in China with its head office situated in the prosperous economic center-the city of Shenzhen. With a service team made up of dedicated lawyers and researchers, and based on the expertise and plenty of experience, the Firm provides...

  • Johnson Intellectual Property Agency

    Shenzhen, China

    International Intellectual Property Agency in Shenzhen,China

    Phone +86 (755) 2640-6581

    Johnson Intellectual Property Agency, one of the biggest IP agencies in Southern China, is established under the authorization of the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) and is one of the Foreign-related IP agency designated by SIPO. We are headquartered in...

  • JunZeJun Law Offices

    Shenzhen, China

    Private Equity, Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm in Shenzhen, China

    Phone +86 (755) 3398-8188

    JunZeJun is one of the earliest and largest private partnership law firms in China. With the rapid growth of China’s economy, the increase of law's participation in social and economic life, as well as the hard working sprite of JunZeJun lawyers, JunZeJun's areas of practice become much wider, the...

  • Kangda

    Shenzhen, China

    Full-Service Law Firm in China

    Phone +86 134 10292599

    With more than 25 years of history, Kangda has been one of the leading full-service law firms in China. ; With the increasing of international trade and transaction, more and more entrepreneurs from South America have started setting up business entities in China, or cooperating with Chinese...

  • Shekou Law Firm

    Shenzhen, China

    International Business Law Firm in China

    Phone +86 755 86381616

    Shekou Law Firm, established in 1983, was the first law office in China pioneered in providing legal services to transnational business. After providing nearly thirty years of devoted services to enterprises, both nationally and internationally, we still focus our practice on business arena which...

  • Shenzhen Zhongyi Patent & Trademark Office

    Shenzhen, China

    Intellectual Law Firm in Shenzhen, China

    Phone +86 (755) 8209-3738

    Shenzhen Zhongyi Patent & Trademark Office is the largest firm in Shenzhen in terms of business volume, business size and overall capabilities. Zhongyi possesses a perfect company management systems and excellent corporate culture. It has an outstanding service team capable of providing clients and...

  • Zhong Lun Law Firm

    Shenzhen, China

    Securities, Corporate Finance, Foreign Investment and Business Law Office in China

    Phone +86 (755) 3325-6666

    Zhong Lun Law Firm is a leading full service PRC law firm. With over 700 professionals strategically located in mainland China’s key corporate and financial centers, as well as in Hong Kong, Tokyo and London, we are consistently chosen as legal service partner by clients who require comprehensive...


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