Naturalization and Citizenship Lawyers and Law Firms in Curitiba, Brazil

Naturalization and Citizenship Lawyers

  • Alexandre Rocha Kassin Advogados

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Brazilian Immigration Lawyers and Law Attorneys

    Phone +55 41 3024-3963

    Alexandre Rocha Kassin Law firm founded in 2007, focuses on public and private law. Expertise on immigration issues. Litigation and consulting. Personal and corporate.

  • DBF Advocacia

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +55 (41) 40637202

    Full-service Law Firm based in Foz do Iguaçu and Curitiba.; We can provide full support to your causes in the state of Paraná.; Need lawyer in Brazil? Call us (+55 45 35240620), or send and e-mail, this office provides free initial consultations (in English).


  • Rocha Pintal & Kassin

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Corporations & Individuals Immigration Attorneys

    Phone +55 41 30243963

    Rocha Pintal & Kassin is a brazilian law firm, providing immigration advisory and litigation.

  • Von Bahten Law Firm

    Curitiba, Brazil

    Private International Law Office, Curitiba

    Phone 55(41) 3779-0056

    Von Bahten Law Firm advises domestic and international clients.

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