Sexual Harassment Lawyers and Law Firms in Italy

Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Italy



Ragusa, Italy
Company & Business ( ITC, Online Betting & Gaming), Property, Divorce Law Firm
Phone+39 346 0090366

SSRBJ Law, SSRBJ Law (Bulgaria), SSRBJ Law (Italy), SSRBJ Law (Hong Kong) and SSRBJ Law (Libya) are 5 independent full service Law Firms offering services in their respective jurisdictions. All 5 Law Firms collaborate between them and hence are in a position to offer a more broad...

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Ruggeri & Galli Law Offices

Ruggeri & Galli Law Offices

Personal Injury, registration of companies, Family, Real Estate Law Firm in Rome, Italy
Phone+39 3289652210

Ruggeri & Galli Law Offices is a full-service law firm based in Rome, Italy providing a wide range of legal services to local clients as well as tourists and travelers throughout Italy. The firm’s lawyers are among the most highly qualified legal minds available, and combine their...

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Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Martinez-Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers

Calabria, Italy
Full Service Law Firm in Spain
Phone+39 096343443

Martinez - Echevarría, Perez & Ferrero Lawyers is, since its establishment, in 1983, an office whose bet for quality and professional excellence have made up the pillars on where the company is known in all the locations where it has seats - national and international - because of...

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  • A.M.Tirelli & Partners

    Rome, Italy

    Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 333 2798 931

    Attorney Alexandro Maria Tirelli was born in the city of Naples , Italy on July 30, 1970. He is a member of the bar association of Torre Annunziata.; He has been practicing as criminal defense lawyer in Italy, being recognized as one of the most important international lawyers in Rome, Milan, Genoa...

    Other Offices: Milan


  • Attorney Domenico Esposito

    Verona, Italy

    Consumer, Family, Criminal and Taxation Law Firm in Verona, Italy

    Phone +39 045 9582269
  • Benedetta Ballatore, Studio Legale

    Rome, Italy

    Civil, Labor and Commercial Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 06 3728816

    Avv. Ballatore is a qualified barrister for representation at the higher appeals court, and focuses on in-court and out-of-court litigation in matters of civil law, commercial law, labour law and family law, assisting both companies and private individuals. She also has specific experience in...

  • Bertazzi Law Firm

    Verona, Italy

    International Trade Law Firm

    Phone +39 045 6198706

    languages: english, dutch, italian, french, german, spanish; Law Firm in Italy in divers cities: Soave - Verona - Milan (Milano) - Rome (Roma) - Genova - Florence (Firenze) - Bologna - Venezia - Brescia - Padova - Modena - Mantova - Bergamo - Bolzano; Expert in: debt recovery, inheritance, divorce,...

  • De Girolamo Law Firm

    Avellino, Italy

    Legal and Tax Services

    Phone +39 0825 784666

    Since 2007, the De Girolamo Law Firm has provided specialized legal assistance and tax consulting on corporate issues through the work of its lawyers and their collaborators. Founded in Avellino, a town in Southern Italy, the firm immediately decided to invest in the specialization of its members,...

  • Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati

    Milan, Italy

    Italy Specialist Employment and Business Law Firm

    Phone +39 02 48193249

    Attorneys of Labor and Employment Department have practiced litigation broadly for many years, even before the National Highest Courts and the European Court of Justice. They advise clients in all main industry sectors on a full spectrum of issues, bargaining practices, unions and social security...

  • Lexellent

    Milan, Italy

    Italian Employment & Labour Law

    Phone 39 02 872 5171

    Lexellent is an Italian Employment & Labour Law boutique firm with offices in Milan and Rome. Internationally - Lexellent is a founding member and the Italian representative of ELLINT - Employment & Labor Law Lawyers International.

  • Miotti Law Firm

    Rome, Italy

    Commercial & Business Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 06 636362

    Miotti Law Firm is an International Law Firm based in Rome, operating since 1984 and active in all areas of civil law, with particular experience in the field of commercial law, tort law, real estate.; The law firm provides assistance and consultancy to national foreign companies, and private...

  • Studio Avvocati Viviani e Zizzari

    Turin, Italy

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +39 011 748624

    Studio avvocati Viviani e Zizzari Law Firm is an International Law firm located in Turin, Italy operating since 1998 and specialized in all areas of civil law, with particular experience in the field of civil law, contracts, tort law, consumer law and debt recovery. We provide assistance and...

  • Studio Legale Avv. Cesare Milani

    Gallarate, Italy

    Civil & Penal Law Firm in Gallarate

    Phone +39 0331701600
  • Studio Legale Avv. Lucrezia Caroli

    Bergamo, Italy

    Full-Service Italian Law Firm

    Phone +

    The firm is a full service law firm offering competence and personal attention, representing; and advising our clients in areas of imigration law, civil and commercial litigation, private international law, criminal law.

  • Studio Legale Canestrini

    Rovereto, Italy

    Italian Criminal Defense and Civil Law Lawyers

    Phone 39 464 436688

    The law firm ‘Studio Legale Canestrini canestriniLex’ with its unified legal team of italian lawyers and attorneys offers professional advising and legal assistance nationally.


  • Studio Legale Cremona & Zuffada

    Piacenza, Italy

    Domestic and International Business Practice

    Phone +39 052 3305375
  • Studio Legale Sanna

    Sassari, Italy

    Law firm in Sardinia

    Phone +39 333 876 5065

    Studio Legale Sanna Law firm is settled in Sardinia (Italy) and it is able to offer assistance in English and French.; Thanks to its collaborations the law firm provides legal services in whole Sardinia (Italy), including main cities (Sassari, Olbia, Cagliari, etc.) and turistic centers (Alghero,...

  • Studio Legale Tripodi

    Gioia Tauro, Italy

    Advanced Solution Law Firm

    Phone 39 096651532

    Lo Studio Legale Tripodi, si avvale di una esperienza trentennale di attività e offre consulenza e assistenza legale in tutti i settori del diritto.; I professionisti dello Studio offrono assistenza ai propri clienti cercando di sollecitare, nelle circostanze litigiose, soluzioni conciliative, ove...

  • Studio Pezzuti

    Naples, Italy

    Immigration - Family - Criminal - Bankruptcy

    Phone 39 081 662949

    Giancarlo P. Pezzuti brings nearly 15 years of criminal law experience to his defense practice. Over the course of his career, he has handled hundreds of cases, most of them felony trials in the Napoli area.; The Pezzuti Law Firm is dedicated to providing professional, client friendly, aggressive,...

  • Valletti & Baldi LAw Firm

    Rome, Italy

    Full Service Civil, Criminal, IP, Immigration Law Firm

    Phone +39 63 7511025
  • Vassallo & Mendola

    Palermo, Italy

    Full Service International Law Firm in Italy

    Phone +39 091 6651879

    The Vassallo & Mendola International Law Firm is a qualified professional reality that concentrates its activities on various areas of law, all related to the needs of domestic and international customers. The firm assists foreign clients with interests in Italy, and is available to those law firms...

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