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Lexincorp Central American Law Firm

Lexincorp Central American Law Firm

San José, Costa Rica
Central American Law Firm with Regional Service in all 5 Jurisdictions
Phone+506 2283 3070

Lexincorp Central American Law Firm, a law firm in Costa Rica, was established in 1988 and developed to a high quality full services specialized Law Firm based in San José, Costa Rica, covering all fields of law.
The Firm has a strong presence in the business community of San...

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Facio & Cañas

Facio & Cañas

San Jose, Costa Rica
Business Law Firm In Costa Rica
Phone+50 62 2565555

Facio & Cañas was founded in 1942 by a group of attorneys who shared a deep commitment to high ethical standards and quality professional services. Today, because of their commitment, Facio & Cañas is the largest and most prestigious law firm in Costa Rica.
Our attorneys...

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Pacheco Coto

Pacheco Coto

San Jose, Costa Rica
Business Law Firm In Costa Rica
Phone+50 62 5050900

Pacheco Coto, founded in 1939, is one of Costa Rica's oldest and most reputable law firms. It is widely recognized for its solid international experience and for maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. Its echelon of lawyers is composed by professionals from three...

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  • AG Legal

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm In San José, Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2570006

    The best full service - law firm in Costa Rica. AG Abogados is a law office devoted to resolving all your legal needs in an efficient and responsible manner whether here in Costa Rica, the rest of Central America or in the Caribbean.

  • Arias & Muñoz

    San José, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm in Central America

    Phone +506 22047575

    Arias & Muñoz is unique in Central America, for it operates as a single firm rather than as an alliance of firms and currently has eight, fully-integrated offices in five countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It has become, today, not only a solid, but also an...

  • Batalla Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Business Law, Dispute Resolution, Public Law And International Trade in Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2808880

    We have established long-standing relationships with many local and international companies, organizations and individuals that require the highest quality legal advice grounded on a true understanding of their economic and business environment. As a major Costa Rica law firm dedicated to the...

  • BLP Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Law firm In Costa Rica Focused In Business

    Phone +50 62 2053939

    With over 40 lawyers, BLP Abogados offers multidisciplinary services and is the only fully integrated law firm focused in business advice in Costa Rica. BLP Abogados was created based on the conviction that legal advisers must become true business partners to their clients. Over the years, every...

  • Breedy Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Business, Real Estate, And Litigation Lawyers In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 337203

    We service all corporate needs. We have established a well recognized, fully experienced staff in Corporate Law. Managed by the senior partner attorney Adolfo Rojas Breedy, we successfully help small, medium, and large companies get settled and do business in Costa Rica, and in Central America...

  • Carter Law Firm

    San José, Costa Rica

    Real Estate & Business Law Firm In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 576646

    We understand that you are placing your trust and confidence in us to protect your business, your property, your livelihood, and your rights. We guarantee to do all within our power to make sure you are well represented. We at Carter Law know that proper legal representation is critical anywhere,...

  • Chaverri Soto Abogados

    San José, Costa Rica

    Attorney & Notary Public

    Phone (506) 2221.5939

    Costa Rica’s recent history provides us with a legacy of wide experience and recognition in the figure of the eminent lawyer Danilo Soto Chaverri. It is precisely around his leading figure, that the reputation of our firm has been built.; Our office was first opened in 1977, under the name of Grupo...

  • Consorcio Juridico Metropolitano

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 311183

    Established in 1998, has earned a solid reputation in successfully offering personalized professional services of the highest quality with a winning attitude and determination for customer satisfaction which has distinguished us in the legal and business marketplace. CONSORCIO JURÍDICO...

  • Daremblum & Herrera Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    International Buisness Law Firm Based In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 201777

    Daremblum & Herrera Attorneys at Law advises clients on general, economic and political conditions in Central America and renders trust and administrative services to foreign entities with businesses in Costa Rica and the Central American region.; With over 40 years of operation, Daremblum...

  • Doninelli & Doninelli

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Corporate and Commercial Law In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 800303

    Our mission is to satisfy all of the company's legal needs. Lawyers at Doninelli & Doninelli work in highly collaborative teams, which span across our practice areas. Our ‘one firm’ approach to practice ensures that all necessary firm expertise and resources are employed to achieve the best...

  • G&D Consultants

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Full Service Costa Rica Law Firm

    Phone +50 68 8145585

    G&D Consultants is a full service law firm in business since 1999. We serve the entire country of Costa Rica. We are based in San Jose.

  • GLC Abogados-Augusto R. Arce

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Foreign Advisory Legal Firm in Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 5240932

    GLC is the premier legal & business consulting firm in Costa Rica. Founded in 1999, GLC was created to provide individuals and businesses with comprehensive investment solutions. Our web site is designed to help you to easily navigate through our main services and informational pages on Costa...

  • Lara, Lopez, Matamoros, Rodriguez & Tinoco

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Business Law In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 5197500

    LLM Attorneys carries out business in its new offices located in a building with an attractive appearance and location in San Jose, Costa Rica. The firm has grown strong, not just in representing our clients but in incorporating a new generation of lawyers, ones who are highly trained and qualified...

  • Nassar Abogados, Attorneys at Law

    San José, Costa Rica

    Full Service Law Firm In Central America

    Phone +50 62 2572929

    With over 25 years of experience, NASSAR ABOGADOS upholds a longstanding tradition of legal consulting and services designed according to first-class quality standards. Our success, and the international recognition we receive comes from the excellent work of our professionals, their positive...

  • Oller Abogados

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Corporate, Financial & Foreign Investment Law Firm

    Phone (506) 257-1290

    Oller Abogados makes your business is our business: A long-standing family tradition within the business world, not limited to the view point of an advocate, helps us direct our legal advice towards the success of your ventures. Loyalty, ethics and understanding, we abide by those innate values and...

  • Quiros & Asociados

    San Jose, Costa Rica
    Phone +50 62 247800

    Our professionals have approached a process of specialization in different areas of the Law accompanied with technological investments, national and international strategic alliances and a strong view of an integral development which allows us to provide our clients with a prompt and efficient...

  • Robles Oreamuno

    San José, Costa Rica

    Real Estate & Corporate Law Firm In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2482250

    The firm was originally established in 1968 by Antonio Robles Oreamuno† and Rolando Laclé Castro under the name of Robles-Laclé. Since 1997 a group of its members, lead by Mr. Robles Oreamuno, who devoted his career to both the private practice of law and the public service in the government,...

  • SPC Legal International Services LLP

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Central American Law Firm Offering a Full Range of Legal Services

    Phone +506 22577414

    SPC Legal International Services LLP (SPC Legal) is a Central American law firm with headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica. ; Our legal firm was founded in 1989 under the principle of creating an innovative, client-oriented firm, which is more responsive to the client''s needs. We seek efficiency...

  • Zurcher Odio Raven Attorneys

    San Jose, Costa Rica

    Corporate Law, Economic Public Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Property In Costa Rica

    Phone +50 62 2013800

    Zurcher, Odio & Raven is a law firm that provides global solutions based on the experience and excellence of our services. We are professionals committed with customer service and our practice comprehends multiple legal areas. Recognized as an authority in direct foreign investment, we have a...

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