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  • When Can Alimony Be Modified?

    There are three types of alimony changes that can occur, depending on the situation: Change in the amount of alimony paid; An extension in the duration of time alimony will be paid; Termination of the alimony payments.

  • How to Avoid Overpaying Alimony in New Jersey

    Alimony in NJ is paid when the divorce proceedings start.

  • Annulment in New Jersey

    An annulment is an action that negates a marriage. Unlike a divorce, whereby there is a record of the marriage, an annulment treats a marriage like it never happened. Many people simply feel uncomfortable about being labeled as “divorced,” and prefer to start with a clean slate—theoretically erasing their past.

  • What to Look for in a Strong Family Law Expert Witness

    Family law requires knowledge of a broad spectrum of subjects such as divorce, child custody and even separation. An expert in these matters is able to provide help in various functions of family law within the legal realm. If a child is in the middle of a custody battle, a family law expert witness may provide the insight into the matter that the judge may not have considered or known previously.

  • What Can Happen if You Lie about Your Finances during a Divorce

    Most divorce proceedings rely on the documentation from the husband and wife, and these files need to be accurate. If there are any assets or liabilities still hidden, this could cause complications and eventually lead to another divorce procedure.

  • How a Family Law Lawyer Helps Divide Complex Assets During a Divorce

    When going through a divorce, it is best to ensure a family law lawyer has been hired to assist with the proceedings. These professionals have the knowledge it takes to assist with dividing assets, understanding what complex assets that exist in the marriage and explaining certain details to the spouse.

  • Divorce as a Financial Transaction

    Divorce proceedings are full of various different transactions, and many persons take the events emotionally and with serious intent. However, when the relationship has ended, and everything else remains the same, a divorce may become nothing more than a financial transaction.

  • Is Adultery a Crime in Texas?

    In Texas adultery is a ground for divorce in Texas. Texas laws take adultery into account when it comes to the dissolution of the marriage and can call for punitive damages for unfaithful behavior. Learn in Today's blog we examine whether Adultery is also a crime in Texas and whether other states treat it as a crime.

  • Timeline from Temporary Orders to Final Orders

    In family court, there are several types of orders that affect different persons in various manners. Some of these are temporary, and it is possible to see temporary orders become permanent or final orders. This is due to the numerous issues that must be sorted, understood and completed during divorce, custody and other problems with the family.

  • How to Prove Financial Disclosures are False

    There are complications that arise during divorce proceedings that often cause one of the spouses difficulty in obtaining the much-needed monetary assistance that he or she should be owed. This comes in disclosures of financial data.

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