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  • What Are the Laws Regarding Animal Testing?

    In the United States, a number of products like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and detergents are first tested on animals to determine what their effects are likely to be on humans. This has raised a number legal and ethical concerns among consumers. So, what are the laws regarding animal testing?

  • Is it Legal to Raise Wild Animals or Keep Them as Pets?

    Anyone who has grown up near a park, nature preserve, or in a rural setting probably came across a wild animal that he or she wished to adopt. Whether it was a baby duckling, a squirrel, a raccoon, or even a bear cub, there are laws affecting raising wild animals.

  • Oregon Dog Bite Injury Claims

    If you've been bitten by someone else's dog, and you are considering filing an injury claim against the dog's owner, you need to understand Oregon dog bite laws and how to prove negligence. Dog bites can be serious injuries, and cause both physical and emotional harm. But a dog bite victim will have trouble getting compensation unless he or she can prove the dog's owner had reason to believe the dog was dangerous.

  • Do You Need an Arizona Dog Bite Attorney?

    Being bitten by a dog can leave not only physical scars, but psychological scars as well. An experienced Arizona dog bit attorney knows that once an individual has been bitten or attacked by what they perceive to be a vicious dog, they will likely never feel the same about 'mans' best friend' again.

  • Why Is the Department of Animal Services Seldom Held Liable for Dog Bites?

    California law imposes a strict liability rule in dog bite cases, which means that an owner is always liable for any personal injury caused by his or her dog, even in situations where a dog has not bitten before, explains a lawyer. While owners may be held liable for their dogs under California's dog bite statute, as well as under negligence rules and the negligence per se doctrine, holding animal control responsible for a dog attack becomes a much more complicated proposition.

  • Criminal Liability for Animal Cruelty Was Vague Until Now

    Under California Penal Code § 597, one can be charged with either felony or misdemeanor animal cruelty or neglect. There is no standard jury instruction on this offense, so in each trial, counsel must devise their own instruction, which can lead to confusion. Nowhere was this epitomized more clearly than in the case of Manuchehr Rizati.

  • Proposed Bill Aiming to Exempt Ill Dogs from Rabies Vaccination

    In the State of California, every dog owner is legally required to have their pet vaccinated regardless of the animal’s health condition. Certain animal rights advocates and an assemblyman think that the present animal regulation laws in California are not pro-animal at all.

  • Animal Attacks: A Potential Cure to Symptomatic Rabies

    Animal attacks are classified as personal injuries; hence, liability can be apportioned to those who failed to take control of the animals they are supposed to take care of.

  • Pet Trusts Are an Important Part of Estate Planning

    A pet trust should be included as part of any good estate plan, just as a will, POS, HCP, and LW are the minimums everyone should have. The Helmsley debacle outlined some problems in her Pet Trust and will. Good drafting goes a long way.

  • Animal Abuse is a Predictor of other Crimes, Including Domestic Abuse, Murder, Rape & More

    Stats on animal abuse show a sharp correlation between animal abuse & other crimes, including rape, robbery, murder, sexual homicide, domestic abuse and more. E.G.: studies show 100% of sexual homicide perps (like Jeffrey Dahmer) started by abusing animals. Even cops, prosecutors & social workers say show me an animal abuser and I'll show you someone with a long rap sheet. Thus, we all need to get behind toughening laws for animal abuse to keep these violent perps locked up longer.

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