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  • How Does U.S. Law View Offshore Bank Accounts?

    Perhaps you are one of the fortunate few who has achieved a level of wealth where you are legitimately concerned that the ebb and flow of the U.S. economy could have a dramatic effect on your personal finances. Or, perhaps, you have heard that there are ways to avoid certain taxes if you keep your money offshore.

  • Asset Protection Strategies: Proactive, Prioritize, Get Informed

    Asset Protection as a concept is fairly simple; you’ve worked hard and earned what you have, and you want to do everything that the law allows to keep as much of it as possible. However, asset protection as an executable legal strategy can be much more complex. Depending on your situation, estate planning, bankruptcy laws, real estate and business law can all come into play.

  • Reduce Personal Liability from Your Business

    Here is a quick outline to help you avoid personal liability from your business. You’ll see that most of the authors advice derives from an informed use of corporations and corporate law, which is why…

  • Schwab Auction Rate Securities' Investors, Are Your ARS Accounts Now Frozen?

    Many investors have been "left out in the cold," so to speak, after they were left holding an unsalable product they were told was safe, secure, and "as good as cash." Investors were told that Schwab's Auction Rate Securities (ARS) were both liquid and safe when they were anything but. The economy's collapse in 2008 left investors out in the cold;t these illiquid assets could no longer be touched and they were in assets worthless.

  • Keep or Toss? A Guide for Retaining Financial Records

    Are you worried about an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax audit? Does that worry make you keep records too long and clutter your living quarters? If a mountain of financially related documents is threatening to overwhelm your space and your sanity, it is time to de-stress.

  • Protecting Your Assets from Expanding Nursing Home Costs

    Nursing home costs are rising, which could be detrimental to your financial health should you find yourself in need of nursing home care, or even that of an assisted living community. In fact, the average annual cost for a nursing home is running around $75,000 per person. Having insurance won’t be much of a help since most insurance plans do not cover the costs associated with a nursing home.

  • Settling Tax Debt with an "Offer in Compromise"

    There are lots and lots of offer in compromise companies advertising to get your money and in return have you pay “pennies on the dollar” to resolve your tax liability. This post reviews the real facts underlying how the offer in compromise process really works. First we’ll take a look at getting your offer in compromise based on economic hardship. We’ll examine just what this means in the offer in compromise arena.

  • Achieve Three Objectives With Alaska Trusts

    It is nice to be able to achieve multiple objectives through a single action and in many cases this can be done in the financial planning field. For those who are seeking asset protection, income, and estate tax benefits, Alaska trusts may be just one of these very efficient multipurpose tools.

  • Know Your Options

    Estate planners often talk about creating the plan that meets the specific needs of the individuals they are advising. They ask what you want and give you choices about how to get what you want. However, let's step back and look at the bigger picture. Estate planning is not only about you. It's also about your family and other loved ones.

  • Act in Advance to Preserve Assets

    There are individuals who are naturally more exposed to potential legal actions than others, and for these people asset protection should be a priority. You have to act in advance to preserve your assets because your hands are tied once a suit is initiated.