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Aviation Law Attorneys practice in a very specialized legal area. They provide legal advice and services related to air travel, its related business regulation and operation, and nearly all laws related or connected to all manner of aircraft operation and maintenance. Aviation Lawyers in the U.S. have extensive knowledge of FAA regulations.

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  • Right to Fly with Points
      by HG.org

    Flying with miles is an advantage for those that fly regularly and is often an option with credit cards, travel programs and other incentive programs. Travelers who fly with points have the potential to realize substantial savings. However, sometimes there are problems when the person wishing to redeem the points is unable to do so or if a flight is cancelled after using points.

  • The Airline Canceled My Flight, Can I Sue for a Refund?
      by HG.org

    After the recent slate of canceled flights resulting from unprecedented snowfall across the northern part of the United States, many passengers have found themselves stranded. This makes many passengers miss important events, lose deposits, or suffer other losses. As a result, many of these stranded passengers find themselves asking “if the airline cancels my flight, can I sue them?”

  • Is Drone Hunting Going to be Legal in the United States?
      by HG.org

    After reports of domestic spying surfaced, and the possibility that drone aircraft might be used to carry out surveillance of Americans, many reacted violently. This led to what was initially considered an absurd suggestion that “drone hunting” should be legalized. However, several jurisdictions have actually made movement in the direction of issuing permits to shoot surveillance aircraft out of the sky.

  • When Can Kids Fly Alone?
      by HG.org

    It is not uncommon, particularly around the holidays, for children to visit family members in other states. Sometimes this means taking a flight. But, for many families, it is just not financially feasible for a parent to accompany the child on the flight. So, what are the laws and rules regarding when children can fly alone?

  • What Are My Legal Rights if My Flight Gets Canceled or Delayed?
      by HG.org

    Anyone who has done much travel has had to contend with delayed flights or cancellations. Though often unavoidable due to weather or conditions beyond the airline's control, the ones who usually suffer the most are the stranded passengers. So what are your rights if a flight is canceled or delayed?

  • Why Can't I Use My Phone on a Flight?
      by HG.org

    For years, frequent commuters have complained about the inability to use their electronic devices on planes. Several years ago, the restrictions relaxed somewhat, allowing the use of approved electronic devices while at cruising altitude, and a recent rule change will allow the use of electronic devices, even during takeoff and landing, in the near future. But, why were these things banned in the first place? Why can one still not make a phone call from their cell phone during a flight?

  • Coping After Aviation Accidents
      by HG.org

    Traveling by air is still one of the safest forms of transportation. Although airplane crashes are extremely rare, they do still happen ocasionally. When a major airline disaster occurs, the federal government provides support services to the families of victims and to survivors.

  • American Jurisprudence and Just Culture

    This article investigates the application of the American legal system in aviation accidents by comparing and contrasting the American (US) jurisprudence with the European administration of justice in aviation accidents. In particular the article discusses the importance of fostering a "just culture".

  • Too Drunk to Fly? Federal Blood-Alcohol Limits for Pilots

    In January 2013, a pilot was arrested after failing a breathalyzer test in the cockpit. The pilot was about to take off with more than 50 passengers aboard the plane.

  • New Federal Medevac Helicopter Safety Regulations Proposed

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed new rules to increase safety for medevac helicopter pilots, first responders and the patients they set out to help.

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