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  • Expert Witness: Lifelong Consequences of Child Abuse

    Child abuse is often a lifelong concern once it has been suffered through the abuses by an adult or other child. Most often, when a youth suffers from these malignant experiences, he or she is harmed by someone he or she loves.

  • Understanding Simple and Aggravated Assault in Florida

    In Florida, assault may be defined as a misdemeanor (simple assault) or a felony (aggravated assault), depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident itself. Read on to learn more about the differences.

  • Domestic Violence Laws in Colorado and Their Implications

    Domestic Violence is bad in any form and nobody should accept it. Learn what could happened to you if you are caught under domestic violence law in Colorado.

  • What to Do When Charged with a Violent Crime

    If you are suspected of assault, assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery, domestic violence, or other violent crimes, talk to a violent crime defense attorney immediately to defend your case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help negotiate your rights and increase your chances of receiving a lighter sentence.

  • What's The Difference Between Aggravated Assault and Simple Assault in Pennsylvania?

    Aggravated Assault is one of the most serious charges under Pennsylvania law, and even Simple Assault has the potential to result in jail time because it is a violent crime. There are some key things to know if you are facing assault charges. First, it is important to know what the prosecution must prove for each type. Second, there are defenses. Third, you must act fast if you are facing assault charges.

  • Enhanced Criminal Penalties for Weapons Charges

    Many criminal defendants receive an additional charge pertaining to a weapon in connection with another crime, such as burglary or assault. If a person is found to have used or possessed a deadly weapon while committing another crime, he or she may face serious consequences. Most significantly, he or she may be subject to sentence enhancements.

  • When Is It Self-Defense and When Is It Manslaughter?

    Manslaughter, self-defense and murder are often closely tied together. It can be difficult to determine when self defense changes things so that a person is not criminally culpable for manslaughter or murder. Being aware of principles related to self defense can help make important distinctions.

  • Stand Your Ground Laws Explained

    One of the most notorious stand your ground cases involved George Zimmerman. The Florida case made national news, not the least of which occurred after Zimmerman was found not guilty by a Florida jury after they determined that he had used legitimate self-defense under the law. The Michael Dunn trial resulted in a hung jury.

  • No Duty to Retreat in Self Defense Cases

    In self-defense cases, there are generally two different approaches that states take. The first is the duty to retreat. The second is stand your ground. The rules that the state follows can have a significant impact on the defendantís case.

  • Explanation of Violent Crimes

    Individuals who have been charged with a violent crime may wish to seek immediate legal counsel in order to help combat the potential consequences of such charges. Having a firm understanding of these crimes and the charges associated with them can help provide a better defense.

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