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  • Can Bicyclists be Liable for Traffic Accidents

    Bicyclists are sometimes the reason a traffic accident occurs. While these incidents are not common, they may be catastrophic depending on the factors of the situation. If the bicyclist swerved into oncoming traffic, he or she may have just caused one vehicle to collide with another.

  • To Uber or Not To Uber? That Is the Question

    Youíve probably heard of Uberóthe smartphone app that allows you to call a cab to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. Itís a widely adopted use of modern technology, and itís very, very popular, especially in metropolitan areas.

  • How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Most people donít think too much about personal injury attorneys until they are in an accident. People get injured all the time in all kinds of ways, and in most cases those accidents are due to someone elseís negligence. Sometimes the resulting injuries are severe, and the recovery long. Injured people may miss work or become unable to work in the same field because of those injuries.

  • What Happens When a Bicyclist Gets Hit by a Car Turning Right?

    Bicycle accidents often can result in some extremely serious injuries. At times, they can even be fatal. There are a number of injuries that can stem from a right turn accident. Head injuries are one of the most common, and the resulting brain injuries can be devastating. If driver negligence is found during a lawsuit, then the compensation for a brain injury can rightfully be substantial, usually much more than youíd get from the initial payout offer from an insurance company.

  • How The Bifurcated Trial System Can Favor Defendants And Hurt A Plaintiff's Case

    [It has been] discussed how a century-old rule barring mention of liability insurance may actually create bias in a jury, favoring a defendant. [T]he ďbifurcated trial systemĒ [also] can actually create jury bias as well.

  • Bicycle Accident Insurance: What Would Your Attorney Recommend?

    Bicyclists and drivers share a lot of the same roads, but their transportation modes are completely different.

  • How to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer and Get the Compensation You Actually Deserve

    Insurance company representatives are usually quick to help pay for your carís damage and immediate medical bills. But stop. Wait a second. Why are they so fast about it?

  • Determining Liability in Cycling Accident Cases

    Bicyclists are not often heard entering into accidents either on sidewalks, roads or other areas. The collisions most frequently reported are those of passenger and commercial vehicles. Because of this, many under-reported incidents transpire with persons riding bicycles.

  • Who Is Responsible for Bike Accidents when Hit by an Opening Door?

    Persons that ride on bicycles may end up in the most dangerous accidents when not wearing protective gear. Of these, running into open doors, moving vehicles and other items are high on the list. It is important to know who is responsible for the incident when injuries transpire with an open car door.

  • The Truth about Insurance Companies and Auto Accident Injury Claims

    Thereís a lot that happens after an auto accident. One of those things is the claim to the insurance companies. You may find that when you are owed compensation for damages and injuries, the offer they put forth is nowhere near adequate. (In many unfortunate cases, people find this out well after the fact, since bills and expenses accrue over time, long after the insurance company has paid them out some crazy lowball amount.)

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