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  • How a Corporate Attorney Can Help You Negotiate Master Service Agreements

    Do you feel like you waste time developing new contracts for the same services, or worry that you're exposing your business to risks because you have to negotiate agreements quickly in situations where operational needs don't give you enough advance time to consider all the important issues?

  • The Importance of Reviewing Your Employee Handbook

    There are many good reasons why you would want to ask a lawyer to review your company's employee handbook†before you hand it out to your employees.

  • Legal Reasons Why a 50/50 Partnership Split Should be Avoided

    Partnerships are complicated relationships that often cause conflict without contracts and agreements explaining obligations and responsibilities. When the partner or multiple partners are all equal in the business, any type of dissolution of the association often leads to severe difficulty for everyone involved.

  • Protect Your Business With Succession Planning

    Starting a new business is exciting and most of us hope that our business will thrive even if we are not at the helm. Too often however, we neglect an important part of forming a business - succession planning. We often do not want to think about succession planning simply because we want to believe we can stay in control of our business.

  • Family Emergencies In Your Business: How FMLA Affects You

    If you've just started a new business, there's a chance you've heard of FMLA and wonder how it affects your business. This important legal matter is something that you must fully understand, as it can impact you in many different ways.

  • Protecting Your Entrepreneurial Vision: Legal Steps

    Protecting the idea behind a possible revenue stream is often difficult in the electronic age with so much video recording, data capturing and access to email and websites so that the vision of someoneís idea may be stolen. Because of this, many have sought illegitimate and illegal ways of ensuring their creations and ideas are protected.

  • Business Lawyer Assists with the Legal Creation of a Business

    Creating a business through legal means is not difficult, but ensuring the contracts and other documents are valid with clear wording and concise terms may be complicated without the use of a business lawyer.

  • Essential Clauses in a Founderís Agreement

    When a new enterprise is launched, it is critical for the future success of the business for the founders to have a clear agreement in place. This agreement should focus on key issues that are critical to the ability of the founders to safeguard the future of the business and to raise money to support the business during its growing period. Clauses in an effective founderís agreement should thoroughly discuss the following topics:

  • When a Buy-Sell Clause May be Triggered

    Buy-sell agreements are integral to contracts, various agreements and documents necessary in businesses either during the run of the company or when it is being created. These files are drafted to ensure there are no biased or previously determined manners of transferring the ownership of the company from one party to another.

  • Business Lawyer Fees and Costs: How to Structure Them for Your Business

    Legal expenses can sometimes signify an expensive line item for businesses. This is especially true when the business was not expecting to have to pay a lawyer. Structuring legal fees in a way that fits the needs of the business relies on understanding how legal fees are assessed and the needs of the business.

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