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Business law deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with the public, other companies, and the government. This area of the law draws on a variety of legal disciplines, including tax law, intellectual property, real estate, sales, employment law, bankruptcy, and others. Business law attorneys specialize in transactional work, meaning they do not represent clients in court. In fact, business lawyers are often hired for the purpose of avoiding future litigation.

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  • Expert Witness and Breach of Contract Problems

    Expert witnesses may be retained for various legal issues. One such issue is when there is a breach of contract.

  • Importance of Clauses for Lawyersí Fees in a Service Providerís Contract

    When drafting a contract that requires the hiring of a lawyer, it is vital that the fees associated with the legal expert are detailed and fully understood by those that sign the document. Any service provider may create a contract for clients and customers with clauses, terms and statements, but the fees specified in these files must be exact.

  • How to Transfer Ownership in a Digital Business and Digital Assets

    In the electronic age, there are many businesses upgrading to the digital and buying and selling digital assets. However, there are not as many that know how to transfer the ownership of a company primarily running on online products and services.

  • Protecting Your Entrepreneurial Vision: Legal Steps

    Protecting the idea behind a possible revenue stream is often difficult in the electronic age with so much video recording, data capturing and access to email and websites so that the vision of someoneís idea may be stolen. Because of this, many have sought illegitimate and illegal ways of ensuring their creations and ideas are protected.

  • Business Lawyer Assists with the Legal Creation of a Business

    Creating a business through legal means is not difficult, but ensuring the contracts and other documents are valid with clear wording and concise terms may be complicated without the use of a business lawyer.

  • General Legal Services and How They Prevent Expensive Litigation

    Every small business' worst nightmare is being sued for big bucks. However, there are proactive steps that every business owner can take to make this nightmare completely preventable.†

  • Essential Clauses in a Founderís Agreement

    When a new enterprise is launched, it is critical for the future success of the business for the founders to have a clear agreement in place. This agreement should focus on key issues that are critical to the ability of the founders to safeguard the future of the business and to raise money to support the business during its growing period. Clauses in an effective founderís agreement should thoroughly discuss the following topics:

  • Early Lease Termination Agreements: Economic Considerations for Landlords and Distressed Tenants

    A small business has leased commercial space, encountered economic difficulties, and can no longer afford the lease payments. In some cases, the business is out in front of the problem, seeking to work with the landlord prior to a payment default. In other cases, the business is already behind on its rental obligations, and possibly facing a legal action for eviction.

  • Expert Witness Uses Formulas to Evaluate Lost Profits

    There are times when a company loses profits through an incident caused by an individual. This often leads to injury to the company or someone specifics that either owns the business or works inside.

  • Legal Ways to Sustain Your Brandís Value

    In the business world, a brand is often one of the most important aspects a company has when being viewed and spoken about by consumers. The brand image should project certain ideals and concepts so that the public is aware of it, has respect for it and is drawn to the business through what is remembered about the image and knowledge of the company.

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