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  • Voir Dire of Expert Witnesses

    Qualifying an expert witness for a case is crucial in keeping his or her testimony admissible. This means going through several processes so that the professional may be considered an expert witness, and the initial questioning before the judge is successful.

  • The Importance of Expert Witness Retainer Agreements

    Getting an agreement in writing is important in all aspects of life. However, there are certain situations in which this is extremely important. One such situation is when an expert witness is retained by a lawyer, business or private party.

  • Expert Witness Explains Hotel Liability for Negligence of Franchisee

    Hotel owners and franchisees have a relationship that benefits the brand behind the hotel. However, when the franchisee engages in activity that may lead to litigation, the hotel could be liable for these actions and an expert witness may be needed for the court case.

  • What Are the Elements of Interference with Contract in New York?

    A cause of action for interference with contract in New York may result in monetary damages.

  • Managing Risks with the Help of Construction Litigation Expert Witnesses

    Construction incidents are common due to a variety of factors, but it is when someone is injured that the case becomes serious. This means a construction litigation expert witness is needed to explain evidence, connect the elements together and determine liability and provide the responsible party to the judge or jury.

  • Attorney-Client Privilege and the Non-Reporting Expert Witness

    Lawyers may hire expert witnesses for various types of cases, including cases involving employment issues, intellectual property, engineering or a number of other areas. Sometimes these experts have attorney-client privilege with the lawyer representing the client. However, in other cases this privilege may not exist or may be waived.

  • Introduction to Fiduciary Duty Expert Witness

    Finding the right expert witness is important for cases that have a need for details, connections from evidence and even when the evidence supplied is confusing or is hard to associate with certain aspects of the claim.

  • Myths Involved in Looking for an Expert Witness

    Many individuals believe that an expert is behind every door. Each professional may be used as an expert in almost any case. However, cases are varied, and hiring an expert is an extensive process that requires research and time. Ensuring that an expert is right for the claim and may work well with a lawyer demands a lengthy interview, several questions asked and answered and a rapport between the two parties.

  • How Expert Witnesses Can Help in Multi-Jurisdictional Litigation

    Multi-jurisdictional lawsuits are difficult to defend against and are extremely complicated due to the numerous suits from more than a single jurisdiction. This means that the defending party must prevent conviction more than once, and he or she may need to contact additional legal representation or expert witnesses if the crimes issued are not similar.

  • Important Aspects of Using Visual Graphics when an Expert Witness Testifies

    Expert witnesses are used for a variety of reasons, but they are usually part of a claim or case that needs expertise in a specific field of study or subject where their experience and knowledge aid in determining how to proceed in a case. When they initially join the proceedings, they start with compiling data and processing methods to discover what occurred during an incident.

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