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These types of injuries result in very extreme damage, usually of a permanent nature. Lawyers who provide legal services in this area must be well-versed in the long-term effects of these injuries and the overwhelming needs that the victims and their families suffer when pursuing these challenging personal injury claims.

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  • Prescription Drug Abuse Becoming More Common Reason for Accidents

    After years of a steady decline in drunk driving accidents, an increasingly common reason for accidents is due to impaired driving caused by drugs. This includes illegal drugs as well as misusing prescription drugs.

  • What Happens If a Drunk Driner Caused Your Car Accident

    Car accidents which involve drunk driving are considered to be a civil lawsuit in the state of Florida. Specifically, in Miami, the drunk driver, may be held responsible for criminal charges which include fines and quite possibly face jail time.

  • How Truck Driver Impairment Causes Catastrophic Injuries

    When truck drivers are traveling far distances, they often become tired or sleepy. These are only two types of impairment they may exhibit while operating their large trucks. Some may drink while driving, and others may be affected by medical conditions.

  • Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury with the DSM-5

    The highly controversial, recently released, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-5) addresses Traumatic Brain Injury in the chapter entitled “Neurocognitive Disorders." According to the DSM-5, the degree of the particular Neurocognitive Disorder Due to Traumatic Brain Injury can either be Major or Mild

  • The Right for Personal Injury Victims to Recover for Violent Crimes

    Violent crimes affect the victim in various manners to include physical, emotional and psychological effects. The capacity to recover is often hindered by a lack of compensation to pay for treatment and external forces in most instances.

  • What are the Most Common Causes & Types of Wrongful Death?

    Do you believe that you have had a loved one pass way wrongfully? Are you wondering what qualifies as a wrongful death?

  • Amtrak Sued Following Fatal Accident

    An April 3, 2016 collision on the southbound tracks just outside Chester, Pennsylvania fatally injured two railroad workers. The family of one of those men recently responded by filing a negligence action against Amtrak. According to the complaint filed on behalf of the worker’s two grown children, Amtrak failed to take reasonable steps to avoid the tragedy.

  • Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of personal injury accidents. They may be caused by negligent or intentional actions. They can also lead to serious consequences.

  • Claims that Give Rise to Medical Malpractice

    Technology has progressed to allow all manner of surgeries that extensively prolong human life to be performed with varying types of machinery. Despite this, there are in excess of 225,000 cases of patients who die while receiving medical treatment due to malpractice.

  • Stopping Distances for Commercial Vehicles

    Due to the potential for serious damage, the trucking industry is highly regulated. Truck drivers must follow a complete set of rules regarding the amount of miles that they can drive in a day, the number of hours a day that the truck driver can travel and when they must take breaks. The large nature of commercial vehicles makes them a potentially dangerous object on the roadways. As such, truck drivers must take their stopping distances into consideration.

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