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  • How Do You Report Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect?

    Child abuse and neglect are ugly realities. Turning a blind eye to the act can doom a child to serious injury, emotional trauma, or even death. Children are the victims least able to stand up for themselves since they depend entirely upon their parents for food, care, and legal status. So what do you do if you suspect child abuse or neglect? How can you report it and protect a child in danger?

  • Jurisdiction Issues Raised in Child Sex Trafficking Case

    In September, 2013, a man from Missouri was charged with child sex trafficking in the case of a developmentally delayed girl from Massachusetts who disappeared a few days before week and was later found safe in Rhode Island. Cases such as these raise a number of questions, including which state has jurisdiction, which laws apply, and what can be done.

  • Legal Considerations for Child Pornography Cases

    Few sex crimes bring more negative connotations to mind than those related to child pornography. In our computer age where information, images, and videos can be rapidly and easily accessed, this has become a growing area of concern. Although search engines have become better at filtering out inappropriate materials, it is still possible to occasionally come into contact with these matters, either intentionally or not.

  • Legal Consequences of Child Abuse

    Child abuse is never acceptable. Of course, what constitutes child support and what is discipline may sometimes be a gray zone. While the government stays out of our personal relationships in most instances, when it comes to child abuse and domestic violence there can be serious legal consequences. Thus, it is important to know what type of behavior is considered abusive and against the law, and the legal consequences those accused of abuse may face.

  • Investigators Deploy Various Tools in Texas Internet Solicitation Cases

    Becoming the subject of an Internet investigation related to the online solicitation of a minor is life altering. Not only are there criminal penalties, but also if convicted sex offender registration rules apply and jobs and housing can be hard to come by with required background checks.

  • Criticism and Changes to the Maryland Sex Offender Registry

    Sex offender registries exist in one form or another across the nation, but there are differences state to state. However, most (if not all) state registries are public in nature.

  • California School’s Duty to Report Abuse

    In California, the responsibility of school employees to report suspicion of child abuse is not only a component of a person’s moral compass, it’s the law. Communities rely on places like institutions of education to provide an element of safety for children, and teachers and administrators are assumed to uphold that expectation.

  • What is Meeting a Child for Lewd Purposes (Penal Code § 288.4)?

    Penal Code § 288.4 is a “wobbler,” meaning it can be filed as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending upon the facts of the case and the client’s criminal history. It is most often filed as a misdemeanor if the defendant has absolutely no prior criminal history (excluding minor traffic offenses such as speeding or parking tickets).

  • Ten Year Restraining Order Proper for Mother Who Stalks Husband and Scares Daughter

    In November of 2007, Mrs. N.C. went to her husband’s house, where her daughter then lived. She took a Lynx Black Cat golf club with her and pounded on the front door of the house, demanding custody of her daughter. The daughter was inside and heard the pounding, but B. did not open the door. B. told Mrs. N.C. he would call the police. Their daughter “saw her mom and then ran to her room, crying.”

  • Child Rape Charges Aided by Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Criminal defense attorneys understand the seriousness of a child rape charge. Not only is your freedom at stake but also your reputation, because you could be registered as a sex offender. When it comes to this type of charge, even an accusation can impact the rest of your life. There will always be the question as to whether or not you are guilty of this crime.