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  • The Business Judgment Rule and Liability

    Many business rules apply to employee, management or both. Some of these regulations affect what is permitted, which circumstances are allowed and how liability affects someone. Wrongful conduct, participation that leads to negative consequences and similar matters may be the foundation for litigation between persons in a company.

  • Why California is Chosen for Business Partnerships

    Some parts of the country are more prominent with specific business types. California is a better state to create or grow a company with business partnerships than many others. However, no matter which location the owner or partners choose to initiate a new organization, it is crucial that a partnership agreement is drafted through a business lawyer. This is a document where two or more persons own, operate and sustain a company.

  • Does My Business Really Need An Attorney On Retainer?

    Have you ever heard the old saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? That is exactly why every business should have a law firm on retainer.

  • Business Litigation: Donít Wait after Getting Court Papers

    When a person gets court papers, it is important that they quickly take certain steps. These steps can help preserve a personís rights and minimize the possible negative consequences.

  • What Are You Agreeing to When You Shop Online?

    Shopping online is big business, projected to surpass $3.5 trillion by 2020. Although China spends far and away more money in e-commerce than any other country, its closest competitor is the United States.

  • Avoiding Expensive Lawsuits in Small Business Transactions

    Small business transactions can sometimes morph into serious and significant lawsuits. Fortunately for small business owners, there are proactive steps that they can take in order to avoid these lawsuits.

  • Is There a Way to Have a Designated Law Firm as a Small Business without a High Retainer Fee?

    Small businesses may run into legal problems from time to time. They may need help with their startup filings, as well as need advice after they are off the ground and help preparing contracts. However, their needs may not be so frequent to justify a huge retainer fee. There are often options for small businesses that anticipate needed legal services in the near future.

  • Why Testimony of an Expert Witness Aids in Business Transactions between Companies

    Business transactions between companies are often complicated due to the amount of information that must be passed back and forth between them. There are certain associates that must coordinate the data and facilitate the transfer.

  • Breach of Duty by an Agency and Resolution

    Agencies often owe a duty of care to clients or customers, and there is usually some form of contract drafted and signed between businesses in this manner. The duty may be to ensure no danger occurs while within or on the property of the entity, it may be duty of care to prevent injury or another duty similar in scope.

  • How to Remedy Business Fraud with the Help of an Expert Witness

    Business processes are often difficult to analyze and understand in a court room for the average person. Numerous complicated cases are extremely difficult to prosecute because the crimes are not understandable. An expert witness that has experience in the field of the business is often able to examine the documentation and grasp the details necessary to show how the crimes occurred and why the person is not at fault. In fraud scams or criminal activity, there may be someone that is blamed who took no part in the incident.

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