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  • What Does a Commercial Lawyer Do?

    New entrepreneurs and small business owners may view commercial lawyers with some amount of suspicion and may hesitate to employ the services of such an attorney.

  • Business Sale: Anti-Assignment and Change of Control Contract Provisions

    When buying and selling a business, there are many provisions, conditions or covenants added to the contracts between the buyer and seller. Some of these could include various ways to treat the company after it has been sold, and others may affect the sale itself such as either the assets or equity being purchased by the new owner.

  • Questions to Pose for Your LLC Agreement

    When creating a Limited Liability Company, there are many questions that need to be answered before progressing too far into the contracts, agreements and operations of the business.

  • Reasons why You May Prefer an LLC over a Sole Proprietorship

    There are a variety of choices when building or creating a new business. When the individual has researched the topic extensively, he or she may still not know which is best. However, the decision may be more easily determined based on the differences rather than the similarities.

  • Buyers: Make Sure You're Getting What You Bargained For

    Businesses often buy equipment, supplies, and other materials on a contract basis. The contract itself often is not standard, but instead, is written up to reflect the results of prior negotiations. If that contract is truly written up properly, all should go well.

  • Conflict of Interest Issues Involved in Business

    In the scope of business dealings, there may be any number of conflict of interests that arise. Some of these interests may have the potential to disrupt the business or put a business partner in troubled legal waters.

  • Former Supplier Kept a Wire Transfer, How do We Get the Money Back?

    Payments to suppliers, contractors and vendors are usually accomplished periodically when items or services have been supplied to the business. However, mistakes are made occasionally that see some organizations and individuals keeping or obtaining monies when nothing has been provided.

  • Can Closely Held Businesses Have an Advisory Board?

    Closely held companies are often kept to a higher standard than many other businesses to produce more and accrue greater amounts of revenue. When there are family or friends on the board or in higher positions in the company for the owner, this becomes more complicated and often difficult to process personally.

  • How Self-Driving Cars Might Affect Business Laws

    With the increase in the need for safety on the roads for the various different incidents and accidents, the self-driving cars may be the answer that law makers and legal regulations are looking for. However, how these autonomous vehicles affect business laws is not fully realized, and it may take some years with these cars on the road before laws are able to catch up with the technology and innovation.

  • The Business Judgment Rule and Liability

    Many business rules apply to employee, management or both. Some of these regulations affect what is permitted, which circumstances are allowed and how liability affects someone. Wrongful conduct, participation that leads to negative consequences and similar matters may be the foundation for litigation between persons in a company.

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