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  • Before You Post THAT Picture . . . How Private Is Your Facebook Account?

    If you are going to attempt to collect disability, you may want to hold off on posting pictures of yourself boating, fishing and the like. Case in Point? The ex-police officer who posted photos of himself riding a jet ski despite his claims of being disabled on the job in 9/11. He was convicted of taking over $200,000 in disability payments.

  • Private Investigation and E-Discovery: Voice and Audio Files

    E-discovery may be necessary in certain legal cases. This means that records may be made through electronic devices for use by the consumer and communications created in this manner may be admitted as evidence for either the plaintiff or defending party.

  • Legal Risks of Naming Specific Persons Online

    Given the proliferation of online material, the risks of misusing a person’s name or other information online have increased. Even obscure blogs have thousands or millions of readers. Using a person’s name or other information may subject publishers to very serious legal liability.

  • Sharing Photographs: Excessive Copyright Demands

    Technological advancements in social media sites and website development tools have allowed users to easily share and discuss articles and photographs across the globe. In parallel with these technological developments, various organizations have sprung up that claim to represent owners of these shared photographs. These organizations send a letter and make an excessive copyright demand. Users must understand their rights before deciding whether to succumb to such excessive demands.

  • Privacy Laws and Social Media Sites

    Social media sites and privacy are somewhat inherently at odds. After all, the point of social media is to share your life with the world; the very opposite of maintaining your privacy. Still, there is a difference between sharing parts of your life and all of it. Thus, a number of legal lines have been drawn in the sand regarding privacy on social media sites.

  • Attorney Advertising

    At first glance, this sounds like a ridiculous question, especially in today’s world of Internet Search Engines, smart phones and attorney/ law firm websites, anyone can research and get reviews of everything from restaurants and television sets to doctors, lawyers and plumbers.

  • Social Media Best Practices for Healthcare Providers

    Social media continues to change how we communicate.

  • Can Anyone Stop Me From Putting Up a Satellite Dish?

    As options for television channels have increased, satellite TV has become a very popular alternative to cable. Unfortunately, to receive these broadcasts, one needs to install a satellite dish on the outside of a building, and this can lead to disputes. Thus, many ask “can anyone stop me from putting up a satellite dish?”

  • A Website Published Embarrassing Content About Me, What Can I Do?

    The Internet has brought many benefits to modern civilization. Unfortunately, just as with any technology, it also has a dark side. So, when a website publishes embarrassing content about you, what can you do?

  • How Do Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Video Games Get Rated for Content?

    Most parents are concerned with the things their children see and hear in the media. It is an ugly world out there, and while it may be inevitable that they will eventually learn about all of those things, most parents do not want their kids to see graphic violence or mature content or hear offensive language at too your an age.

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