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  • When Do Police Have To Read You Your Rights?

    Incriminating statements collected during a "conversation" be used against you if you haven't been read your Miranda rights? The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in the case of United States v. Swan late last year ruled yes, because you were not in custody when you made the statements.

  • Litigating Georgia Implied Consent Law Motions to Obtain Exclusion of Breath Test Evidence

    Georgia implied consent law is outdated, flawed and incomplete. A Georgia DUI Lawyer must know how to challenge the admissibility of implied consent in pretrial motions, to help win the DUI case

  • Is Double Jeopardy Implicated when a Court Increases a Sentence Multiple Times?

    When a person has been convicted for one crime, he or she cannot be convicted of the same crime again. This means he or she is not subject to multiple punishments for this same offense against the law. However, there are several complications that may lead to other complexities in the case.

  • Resisting Arrest during a Protest

    While the rights to assemble and to have free speech are provided under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, a person can sometimes be found criminally culpable for actions taken during a protest or demonstration.

  • Prisoners’ Rights

    Many people recognize that when they are incarcerated that they lose many rights, including the right to privacy, the right to assemble and the right to free speech. However, simply being incarcerated does not mean that all important constitutional rights are extinguished.

  • Station House Detention Laws

    Station house detention places are those that hold specific suspects in police stations so that they may be questioned and interviewed through an investigation of crimes that these persons may be involved in or have participated in with others.

  • What Can I Do If My Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Not Satisfying Me?

    Many instances arise where a criminal defense lawyer is not a good fit with the defendant. While this may not be a common occurrence, it is an important issue that should be corrected quickly.

  • Getting Money Back After Police Seizure

    In many instances of an arrest, law enforcement officers seize property, money and possessions. It is often difficult and time-consuming to regain these items even after the arrest has been completed.

  • When Using a Taser Is Excessive Force

    Excessive force is a violation of the United States Constitution. Some states may label the use of a taser stun gun when injuring a person as this excessive force.

  • Act of Production Doctrine

    Documents are the foundation of tax cases where crimes are suspected. Subpoenas are often issued that demand extensive documentation to back up a claim of offenses for evidence against someone that may have committed tax crimes.

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