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  • Avoiding DUI Checkpoints and Roadblocks

    With over 75% of states permitting DUI checkpoints, knowing how to avoid passing through a roadblock is highly important. Also, knowing that you can record what happens on your smartphone, in some jurisdictions may help save you from being convicted of DUI-DWI

  • How to Stop Your Driver's License from Being Suspended in Georgia

    Virtually 100% of all DUI arrests triggers an immediate confiscation of the driver license, under Georgia implied consent law. Whether the driver refused testing (DUI refusal) or submitted to the implied consent test (Intoxilyzer 9000), and administrative license suspension is usually initiated by the arresting officer. Can your DUI lawyer save your driving privileges?

  • Public Officials and Privacy

    In recent years, basic Constitutional rights have been under attack. Police misconduct and brutality have been trending upward since 2010. Finally, police unions are pushing hard to limit the right of the public to information related to police shootings.

  • Expert Witness Testimony: When Police Brutality Occurs

    Police brutality is being increasingly noticed throughout the country through the use of electronic surveillance equipment and the rise of the smartphone. With a camera and a video recorder at the touch of a fingertip, anyone is able to record almost any incident that may transpire.

  • Is Social Media Protected by the First Amendment?

    On February 27, 2017, for the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court discussed social media in the context of the First Amendment, recognizing social media as a crucially important channel of political communication, arguably deserving of First Amendment protection.

  • Weapons at Work: Texas Law and Business Policy

    With both constitutional and statutory protections for citizens to carry arms, businesses are faced with walking a fine line between providing a safe work environment, reducing business liability, protecting business reputation and standing, and restricting personal freedom.

  • Illegal Search and Seizures in Illinois Police Misconduct Cases

    The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution grants every citizen the right to protection from unlawful searches and seizures at the hands of the police, even if you are under investigation or facing criminal charges. Because you have the right to security in your own person and your own home, police misconduct charges can be filed if these rights are violated, or if an illegal search is performed.

  • When Do Police Have To Read You Your Rights?

    Incriminating statements collected during a "conversation" be used against you if you haven't been read your Miranda rights? The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in the case of United States v. Swan late last year ruled yes, because you were not in custody when you made the statements.

  • Litigating Georgia Implied Consent Law Motions to Obtain Exclusion of Breath Test Evidence

    Georgia implied consent law is outdated, flawed and incomplete. A Georgia DUI Lawyer must know how to challenge the admissibility of implied consent in pretrial motions, to help win the DUI case

  • Is Double Jeopardy Implicated when a Court Increases a Sentence Multiple Times?

    When a person has been convicted for one crime, he or she cannot be convicted of the same crime again. This means he or she is not subject to multiple punishments for this same offense against the law. However, there are several complications that may lead to other complexities in the case.

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