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  • What Can I do about Water Drainage on My Property Caused by the Adjourning Property?

    Living in close proximity to others can cause some problems to arise. In some situations, a neighbor’s actions or lack of actions may be responsible for damages caused on their neighbor’s properties. Damage caused by water incorporates a number of complex rules and complications.

  • An Introduction to the Davis-Bacon Act

    Contractors working on Federal Projects typically must meet minimum wage requirements. Sometimes, the prevailing wages on Federal projects are higher than required on state public works projects or private project. It's important to know the minimum wage-rate prior to bidding on any government projects.

  • Mandatory Arbitration in Real Estate Disputes

    Real estate deals often see conflict arising based on the factors of sellers and buyers not being able to resolve the matter between them. However, certain elements of the case may cause a mandatory arbitration being necessary. The most common form of mandatory procedures impacting a claim is state and federal laws pertaining to the issue at hand.

  • Understanding What a Real Estate Lien Is and Is Not

    Many property owners have liens on their houses or land. While it is best to ensure these are not still active and have been paid off, that is not always possible for homeowners. Before the house may be sold, most liens must be removed.

  • Expert Witness Describes What Damage an Infestation of Insects Causes

    Infestation of insects is often one of the worst possible problems with real estate that a homeowner discovers.

  • Commercial Real Estate Lawsuits over Undisclosed Property Problems

    Disputes can arise when a buyer finds a problem with commercial property that he or she believes that the seller actively concealed or failed to disclose due to some legal requirement. When this situation arises, the buyer may consider pursuing legal action against the seller or the seller’s representative.

  • Creating Enforceable Liquidated Damage Clauses in Real Estate Contracts

    Real estate deals are often riddled with contracts that have vague terms, statements with open ended clauses and various similar confusions that lead to conflict and legal arguments later. Because of these issues, it is vital that enforceable details reside within real estate contracts so that problems may be avoided before they begin. One term that often causes strife is a liquidated damage clause.

  • Real Estate Lawyer Solves Title Problems when Purchasing Property

    There are many forms of purchasing a property that includes documentation issues such as title problems. There are many contracts a buyer signs when he or she is buying the home or land, and it is in these files that issues are found.

  • How a Real Estate Lawyer Helps with Earnest Money Disputes

    Many real estate deals lead to the need for a real estate lawyer. This may be due to complications with the arrangement, difficulties with contracts and other concerns between buyer and seller. Many contracts that must be signed should be analyzed for clauses that are only beneficial for the opposite party when purchasing property and other real estate dealings.

  • Misrepresented Wraparound Lien Upon Sale, What Are My Options?

    Real estate laws are often difficult to understand because they change constantly. The state the property resides in has laws that affect what changes apply to the deal or project. This means that if a real estate lawyer is hired, he or she must be versed in the modifications to the law and have up to date knowledge of what this means to the case.

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