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  • Know Important Specifics When Seeking General Legal Services in Texas

    From corporate formation and organizational structure for start-ups through growth stages, including periods of significant hiring (and employment matters) to mergers and acquisitions, Texas businesses face daunting legal challenges everyday.

  • Guide for Employers on Drafting and Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements

    Non-compete agreements are becoming increasingly common in today’s competitive marketplace. These agreements provide greater protections for employers by allowing them to restrict the actions of employees after their service is terminated. Many employers contain non-compete provisions in their employment contracts and condition the job on signing an agreement of this nature.

  • Can My Employee Say That?

    With the recent “Google memo” fiasco in the news, many employers are questioning whether Google was permitted to fire one of its engineers over an internal memo that criticized the company’s gender and racial diversity measures. The lengthy 3,000-word memo discusses the now-ex employee’s views on Google’s programs, hiring practices, and treatment of certain employees.

  • Contract with a Funeral Home went Against My Wishes, Employer gave Decision, I Don’t Understand Why

    When someone dies, it is important to understand what wishes must be adhered to, and who is responsible for final rights and preparations. This may depend on the state, if an estate plan was in existence at the time of death or if the parents are given the choice.

  • Options for LLCs to Break a Deadlock

    When a limited liability company partners or co-owners are unable to decide on a court of action, a deadlock occurs. There are procedures in the operations agreement that may assist in preventing this, but when it does happen, it is important to know how to break the deadlock.

  • What Is Government Fraud?

    Government fraud may be classified as an illegal action that has been committed intentionally in order to shift government funds to another avenue through some type of deception or scheme. It is the taxpayer that is affected because of these crimes.

  • Getting an Injunction against a Competitor

    When a company has been involved in certain types of conduct, it may be possible to seek legal action against it. However, there are specific guidelines to seek the court room assistance in these matters. Getting an injunction is not as easy as just applying for a motion with a judge.

  • Effect of Equitable Price Adjustments in International Contracts

    International contracts may be full of various stipulations based on the countries included in the arrangements. This means that those involved must fully understand all the processes that affect the outcome of the dealings. Adjustments must be effective and efficient.

  • Legal Checkups Every Business Needs

    When businesses are progressing forward from the beginning, it is important to ensure legal matters are set correctly and up to date. This means that checkups are performed and accomplished appropriately. It is imperative that companies properly utilize the associated legal channels and processes.

  • Business Sale: Anti-Assignment and Change of Control Contract Provisions

    When buying and selling a business, there are many provisions, conditions or covenants added to the contracts between the buyer and seller. Some of these could include various ways to treat the company after it has been sold, and others may affect the sale itself such as either the assets or equity being purchased by the new owner.

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