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  • Legal Mistakes Affecting Business Partnerships

    Business partnerships can be a favorable way to launch a business by combining a shared vision of the business, complimentary skills and capital from multiple sources. However, many business partnerships end on bad terms. In many cases, this is due to the business partners failing to plan or making preventable mistakes.

  • How Can I Protect My Trade Secrets When I Enter into a Business Contract with Another Company?

    When the creator of a trade secret must do business with another business, it is important that the secrets that are often disclosed to other business are protected as much as possible.

  • How to Find the Right Business Law Lawyer for You

    When there are business concerns that require the assistance of a lawyer, it is best to contact and then consult with a business legal representative.

  • Someone Broke a Contract

    Did a client, vendor, bank, corporation or partner break a contract? Did you break a contract? When someone breaks a contract it's described as a breach. If you breached a contract you may have a valid reason. Or, are you the plaintiff in a breach? What should you do if you're the victim of a breach of contract?

  • Business Disputes That Require a Business Attorney

    Even though Americans pride themselves on their rugged individualism and independence, there are some things that simply should not be attempted by amateurs or those without the proper knowledge and experience.

  • Buying Out a Business Partner

    At some point during the course of the business partnership relationship, there may come a time when the partners no longer want to work together. This can be because of a fundamental difference regarding the way that they want to run the business.

  • Essential Legal Tips for Business Owners

    New business owners can take steps during the initial stage of their business to protect their legal interest. The following tips can help a business owner start with a strong foundation.

  • Need for Documentation for Small Businesses

    Many people start to run small businesses because a hobby starts to become more profitable. They often begin their businesses out of their own homes and only later move to a larger location when it is financially feasible to do so.

  • Construction Disputes: When Is It Time to Litigate?

    When a dispute over payment or performance interferes with a construction project or the use of a piece of real estate, all parties involved must critically assess their options with regard to negotiating a settlement or protecting their interests at trial.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements for Startups

    Protecting intellectual property is important for a startup business, but private business information should also remain within the business. Non-disclosure agreements are one way a new startup can protect itself.

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