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Criminal defense law consists of the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime. Law enforcement agencies and government prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal. Without adequate protections for the accused, the balance of power within the justice system would become skewed in favor of the government. As it is, fair treatment for criminal defendants often depends as much upon the skill of their defense attorney as it does the substantive protections contained in the law.

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  • How Social Networks are Used for Identity Theft

    The prevalence of identity theft appears to be increasing as technology continues to move forward. The easy ability of accessing the Internet has helped a lot of individuals steal the identities of unsuspecting victims. The rampant use of fraud has assisted these criminals in obtaining information about others that they otherwise would not have any access to.

  • Puppy Mills

    Organizations in place to assist animals in peril have estimated that over 10,000 puppy mills have been created and are generating profits at the expense of what could have been beloved pets. These facilities have unhealthy living environments for these animals with severe cruelty often unnoticed by others due to where they are located.

  • What Is Level I Status Drug Trafficking?

    The distribution and selling of drugs are rampant throughout the world. These criminals provide and cause addiction in thousands of people each year. When large quantities are distributed to other areas or individuals, multiple crimes are often charged if they are caught by law enforcement.

  • Some of the Most Lenient Marijuana Laws

    The world has started changing its views on certain drugs. Of these, marijuana has been considered by citizens of the United States for several years as less of a drug and more of an herb. Many individuals have used this substance to assist in medical treatment for pain, aches, swelling and many similar issues a person often faces with certain ailments or conditions.

  • Dealing with False Allegations of Child Abuse

    Many criminal cases start before a person is arrested for an alleged crime. The actions of accusing a person are often what lead to an arrest, but they have to start with someone telling someone else that a person committed a crime.

  • Signs of Child Abuse that Is Occurring at Day Care

    Child abuse may happen at any place not just in the home. It is when it happens at a business or a company that more damage may be done as it is often unobserved by those in authority. If the abuse is only observed by other children, it may go by unreported.

  • Some of the Strictest Marijuana Laws

    The laws of the United States have started to change when dealing with some drugs. One particular drug that has a change of regulation and law governance is marijuana. While some states have legalized the use and manufacture of this substance, other states have started to become stricter in dealing with those consuming this product.

  • About Blind Mules

    The supply and transporting of illicit substances are growing issues within the world since the war on drugs failed. Criminals purchase drugs from one place where they are cheaply bought or grown and sell them in another at a higher price to provide thousands of drug users each year.

  • Crime of Grand Theft Auto

    Crimes of theft have been around for hundreds of years to include the greater crimes of stealing large or expensive property and possessions. However, laws have become harsh when expensive vehicles are stolen by alleged thieves.

  • Crime of Robbery

    The taking or attempting to take something of any value through the use of force, threats of force or through intimidating and fear has been determined to be a robbery by most states. It has also been defined through the removal of someone’s property or belongings with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of the property or belongings.

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