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Criminal law involves a system of legal rules designed to keep the public safe and deter wrongful conduct. Those who violate the law face incarceration, fines, and other penalties. The American criminal justice system is both complex, and adversarial in nature. With the exception of minor traffic violations, accused individuals will require the assistance of an attorney.

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  • Consequences of an Arrest but not a Conviction on Employment

    In some situations, a person may be arrested while he or she is working and the arrest can put his or her job in jeopardy. Arrests are treated differently than convictions, but they can still have significant consequences for employees. The way that the employer can react in response to the arrest depends on where the person is working, state laws, the nature of the crime that is alleged and the case against the employee.

  • Best of the Business, Paralegals Are Unsung Heroes No More

    I am a lawyer and I know, generally, how lawyers think and what motivates them. For the life of me I don’t get how paralegals put up with us and clients at times. They carry tremendous work-loads and responsibilities. Going to court is the easy part, especially knowing files are in order and clients have been reminded to be there.

  • What Are the Different Myths Regarding Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is a highly underrated crime. Many people do not even understand that they are facing a domestic violence at home and they continue to suffer it. Domestic violence is not limited to physical assault but many verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse are considered the parts of domestic violence.

  • Hotel Security Cameras Found in Room, Is that Legal?

    Placing security cameras in various places in a hotel may be a touchy subject when it comes to privacy and where these may be. As the technological age advances, there are many devices that become smaller and ever present in the lives of citizens in countries with machines that are affordable.

  • Quick-Cash Loan, Is It a Scam?

    There are many scams cycling through the country either from those within the United States or from foreign persons that attempt to steal as much money as possible from unsuspecting individuals. When something either appears too good to be true or there are certain uncertain terms, it is best to avoid these dealings.

  • Expert Witness: Lifelong Consequences of Child Abuse

    Child abuse is often a lifelong concern once it has been suffered through the abuses by an adult or other child. Most often, when a youth suffers from these malignant experiences, he or she is harmed by someone he or she loves.

  • Do I Have a Criminal Case, A Civil Tort Claim, Both or Neither?

    Many crimes committed may be prosecuted through the criminal justice system as well as civil courts so that a remedy may be provided for the harm caused. In certain situations, both a criminal and civil case may be issued against the individual or group that caused the harm.

  • Arlington Criminal Defense Attorneys Are Not Created Equal - Differences Between a Good & Poor Choice

    Regardless of the crime you have been accused of, it's important to your freedom, career, and reputation to choose a capable criminal defense attorney in Arlington. What most people fail to realize is that one defense lawyer may be good, while another may not reach the best possible result in a case. What's the difference, and what does a good criminal defense lawyer do that perhaps a poor criminal defense attorney doesn't?

  • Why You Should Request Criminal Record Sealing in Colorado

    A single criminal record even for a small crime can affect your chances of getting a job, renting a house, getting a loan, getting license for the firearms etc. You may even not get an insurance for you. So always seek for sealing for your criminal records and contact an efficient attorney for it.

  • What North Carolina’s Implied Consent Law Means for Your DWI

    Under North Carolina law, all in-state and out-of-state drivers give their “implied consent” to a chemical analysis of their blood alcohol content (BAC) after an arrest for driving while impaired (DWI). Refusing to submit to a chemical analysis can potentially have serious consequences for your driving privileges and your defense strategy in court.

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