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Criminal law involves a system of legal rules designed to keep the public safe and deter wrongful conduct. Those who violate the law face incarceration, fines, and other penalties. The American criminal justice system is both complex, and adversarial in nature. With the exception of minor traffic violations, accused individuals will require the assistance of an attorney.

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  • Plea Bargains for DUI Cases

    When a person is facing a conviction for DUI, he or she may consider what legal strategy is best to handle the case. In some situation, he or she may consider a plea bargain, or his or her lawyer may mention the possibility. Having a DUI lawyer is critical when considering the ramifications of taking a plea bargain.

  • Second Offense DUI Penalties

    A first DUI may result in probation, community service and other light punishment. In some cases, a jail term may be imposed, but it may be for only a few days.

  • The Law of Implied Consent

    Many DUI cases rely on having test results so that there is sufficient evidence to use against a defendant in the criminal case. As a condition of being licensed in the state, many states require drivers to provide implied consent to be tested in the event that they are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence arise.

  • DUI and the Influence of Drugs

    While most cases involving DUI are based on intoxication by alcohol, others involve consumption of drugs. When charged for these violations, the penalties may be just as grave when convicted as with DUI involving alcohol or in some cases even harsher.

  • DUI Involving Prescription Drugs and Prosecution Challenges

    Drivers who are under the influence of drugs may or may not exhibit symptoms when the drugs are prescription grade. Often drivers are pulled over when signs of intoxication are observable, but that may not always be the case.

  • Drunk Driving Terminology Explained

    It is invaluable to know everything possible about DUI violations and how a person is charged for these. It is important to know the laws of the state in residence to avoid conviction for charges with possible traffic violations. It is also advisable to know what terms apply to which laws and regulations.

  • Driving Drugged and the Law

    When a driver has taken an illegal drug, prescription medication or even an over-the-counter treatment, this may be the equivalent of drunken driving. In some states, these situations are connected and violations are issued with charges filed.

  • Common Defenses When Dealing with Criminal Charges

    For various criminal charges, there are a number of defenses commonly used by defending parties to attempt to avoid conviction. It is important the charged individual is aware of his or her rights in order to defend against charges for crimes. Some of the most commonly used defense strategies include self-defense, statutes of limitations, alibi, entrapment and insanity. Applying the corresponding defense strategy to the charges that fit is not always an easy process.

  • Civil Lawsuits Involving Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse occurs through cases reported in the thousands each year. Some are tied together, while some crimes stand alone. Unknown in many instances, the victims of this abuse have a legal right afforded to them to sue the abuser that caused the damage and injury. These lawsuits are civil suits with less news coverage in most situations.

  • Potential Problems of Laws Like Jessica’s Law

    Sex offenders are often viewed as some of the worst offenders. This often leads to unfair treatment at trial and abuse within prison walls.

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