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Cruise Ship Accident Law can be a very complex area of practice. These laws deal with a wide range of legal issues including passenger safety, ship worthiness, security, ports of call, the law of the seas, environmental regulations, and many more.

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Cruise Ship Accidents Lawyers USA - Recent Legal Articles

  • Florida Boating Safety

    Sadly, many Florida boat owners are blind to boating safety and fail to maintain a safe ship. Most boats by their nature do not offer secure footing and provide the relaxation and excitement which often override safety precautions. All too often we hear of deaths and crippling injuries when a negligent boat owner fails to yield the right of way to another boat or maintain a safe vessel.

  • Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Accident

    Perhaps one of the most prolific – and horrendous – cruise ship accidents in recent memory was the January 2012 sinking of the Costa Concordia. When the ship ran aground off the cost of Italy, 4,200 passengers and crew members were forced to evacuate. Unfortunately, dozens of passengers were injured and a yet-still-unknown number killed.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Report Reveals Health Problems Aboard Cruise Ship.

    Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) released additional inspection reports for its Vessel Sanitation Program (“VSP”), which is designed to assist the cruise ship industry in preventing and controlling introduction, transmission, and spread of gastrointestinal illnesses, i.e. food poisoning, on cruise ships.

  • Cruise Ship Claims

    A vacation aboard a cruise ship can be a memorable experience, an affordable, all-inclusive vacation option, and a great way to see exotic ports of call. But, what happens when something goes wrong and your memories end up being of sickness, injury, inadequate medical care, fire, being stranded, crime, or even the wrongful death of a loved one?

  • Settling a Jones Act Claim Out of Court

    There are times when settling a Jones Act claim out of court may lead to more compensation and ultimately be the best option for an injured maritime worker.

  • Cruise Ship Accidents & Injuries: Calculating Lost Tips as Part of Wages in a Claim

    Workers injured in cruise ship accidents may recover lost wages if employer negligence is to blame. Tips may be estimated based on averages and income tax returns.

  • Filing a Jones Act Claim: Accident Reports and Recorded Statements

    Filing a Jones Act claim doesn’t necessitate an accident report or a recorded statement. If you’ve been injured at sea, a Gulf Coast maritime attorney can review your case.

  • Requirements of a Good Jones Act Attorney

    A Gulf Coast attorney who handles Jones Act law cases can help when you’ve suffered a maritime work injury. The attorney you choose to work with should have a lengthy history with Jones Act regulations, resources in the field who can help prove your case, and a stellar reputation in maritime law.

  • New Orleans Emergency on a Boat: What to Do

    A New Orleans maritime lawyer can help if you have been injured while working offshore. Knowing what to do in the event of an emergency on a boat can save lives and prevent injuries. The best way to do this is to be prepared before you take to the waters.

  • Commercial Fishing Boat Safety and Maritime Law

    Maritime law is important when one works in commercial fishing. If you were hurt doing this dangerous job, a New Orleans maritime law attorney can help. Commercial fishing ranks among the most dangerous jobs in the world, specifically in the United States, where the Bureau of Labor Law consistently ranks it as the most lethal profession.