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  • Court Ruling Strengthens Protections Against Cell Phone Tracking

    A judge from the federal district of southern New York has decided to invalidate evidence obtained through the use of a cell phone tracking device. This decision may serve to clarify rules about when it is appropriate to use such technology with and without a warrant.

  • Apple vs. The FBI

    Last month a federal magistrate judge in California ordered Apple to bypass the security protocols on an iPhone 5 that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters. This public order ushered in what has become a national spectacle, pitting the FBI and many Americans against Apple and Privacy proponents.

  • Every Book Ever Written Soon to be Searchable on the Internet Thanks to Fair Use Doctrine

    Virtually anyone who has used the Internet outside of China has heard of the search engine giant Google (China blocks Google and has its own domestic search engine). But, many did not know that in 2002, one of Google's founders, Larry Page, had a plan to put every book ever written on the Internet. The plan stalled after legal troubles, but may now be back on track thanks to the Fair Use Doctrine.

  • Your New Hire’s Non-Compete Agreement

    For years you’ve admired your top competitor’s ability to design and market new products that have, much to your frustration, consistently outsold yours. Now one of the key members of your competitor’s marketing team is sitting in your office asking YOU for a job. As he describes to you how he thinks he can position your products for triple-digit sales growth, you can’t help but think to yourself, “is this too good to be true?”

  • Is it Time to Update Your Company’s Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete Agreement?

    An employee non-disclosure/non-competition agreement (NDA/non-compete) is a vital part of any company’s intellectual property protection program. Too often though, companies use the same form agreement for years even though its legal value may have eroded due to changes in the law or changes in the business. The following are some things to consider in determining whether it may be time to update your company’s NDA/non-compete.

  • Protecting Your Personal Information with Online Privacy Laws

    A lot of people who use the internet have the need to protect their privacy. However, the internet is still so new that online privacy laws are still being written and modified.

  • Online Data: The New Oil

    The author explains behavior marketing and its possible ramifications on people.

  • Electronic Evidence Meets Right to Privacy in Texas Divorce Cases

    There is a false sense of security that takes place when we log on to the internet, our smart phones, or some other form of electronic communication. Many of us seem to think that our true selves are separated from these pieces of technology and that our words and actions are anonymous and floating somewhere through the netherworld of cell phone towers and W-Fi hotspots.

  • Easy Steps to Protect Your Website from Being Copied

    Website copying is common because of the popular myth that if something is on the Internet; it is in the "public domain" and therefore can be used by anyone.

  • Self-Incrimination in Your Pocket

    California Supreme Court allows search of data stored on mobile phone without warrant.

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