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  • What to Do if You are Wrongly Accused of Family Violence

    Relationships between family members are often complicated and emotional. For this reason, conflict between members of the same household are bound to occur, even in the happiest of households. Unfortunately, when these disputes rise to the level of violence or threats of violence, the individuals involved may be facing allegations of serious criminal offenses.

  • Orders of Protection in Texas

    People break up and get divorced every day. Many of these relationships may end in an amicable fashion. Even if the relationship involves some bitterness and drama, the only turmoil is usually emotional.

  • How Common Is Assault Against Men?

    In Florida, assault occurs when an individual intentionally threatens another person with violence, placing the victim in fear of an imminent attack. A person commits battery when they actually commit the violent act. Florida's domestic violence statute incorporates both assault and battery, along with other offenses, such as stalking, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

  • Can Your Wife or Husband Dime You Out?

    We’ve watched the scene unfold on television before, a couple discusses their pending legal doom, things are bleak, then somehow they realize they can’t be forced to testify against one another, and suddenly, there is hope these troubles can be averted.

  • How to Stop Domestic Violence

    Black eyes, broken bones, missed days from school or work. For some, these may seem familiar. Whether they are occurring to you or someone you know, it is important to know that we can all help stop domestic violence.

  • The Formidable Challenges Victims of Domestic Violence Face

    In American culture, domestic violence and sexual assault have traditionally been treated as embarrassing secrets that must be hidden at all costs. However, our society’s views on such subjects are evolving, and victims no longer have to suffer in silence.

  • Restricting Alcohol May Reduce Domestic Violence

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. In a recent correlating study, the CDC linked excessive alcohol use with domestic violence.

  • New Illinois Domestic Violence Law

    The Illinois legislature has recently taken critical, necessary steps to ensure the safety of women suffering from domestic violence.

  • Domestic Violence: A Heavy Accusation

    Domestic violence is a serious accusation and can have devastating effects on the life of those accused.

  • Surviving During the Holidays in a Divorce or Legal Separation

    In Illinois, there are parents with physical custody of the children, often referred to as residential custody, and there are non-residential custodial parents with visitation rights. In any divorce in which the parties are parents, often, divorce lawyers will tell you that the primary issue is often the division of visitation time with the kids. The most sought after parenting time is during the holidays when families are expected to be together and the kids are not in school.

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