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  • Prom Season and Dram Shop Liability
      by HG.org

    Prom is one of the most festive times of the year for high school students. For many, it is the first time that they dress up to a formal event and the first time that they may be given full freedom by their parents. While this is certainly an exciting time, it is also a time to be concerned about alcohol abuse and potential liability issues associated with the event.

  • Boats and Drinks Do Not Mix
      by HG.org

    While many people are aware of the illegality of drinking while driving, fewer people are aware of similar prohibitions against boating and drinking. However, this activity is usually criminalized and can subject defendants to stiff penalties.

  • BUI Questions Answered
      by HG.org

    Individuals who live or visit areas where there are multiple waterways often enjoy taking part in water excursions including boating. Many people want to party and may add alcohol to the mix to have a good time. However, drinking and operating a boat can make a person subject to criminal sanctions like he or she would encounter if operating a vehicle on the roadway.

  • Boating Under the Influence Defenses
      by HG.org

    Individuals who are arrested for boating under the influence charges are often confused. Often, they are not even aware that this is a crime. They may have no idea how to proceed. Knowing a personís rights can prevent him or her from making mistakes that negatively affect his or her freedom and criminal case. Retaining a criminal defense lawyer early in the process can help prevent mistakes and help establish an aggressive defense.

  • Differences Between DUI and BUI
      by HG.org

    A DUI is a crime that someone may face when operating a motor vehicle in an impaired state. Some states, especially those with lake and ocean access like Florida and California, have additional laws related to the operation of a boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

  • DUI Lawyer Needed?
      by HG.org

    When a DUI offense occurs, many accused individuals may not feel the need for a lawyer, but these legal representatives may save time and money. It is best to at least speak to a lawyer to know what options are available.

  • DUI Case Expectations
      by HG.org

    When arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, defendants may be scared of the process ahead. Being faced with criminal charges is daunting. The thought of what may occur is often overwhelming. It is vital to know what to expect and what processes need to be followed.

  • Data for DUI
      by HG.org

    Driving under the influence is a preventable type of offense. Accidents involving alcohol-related incidents are increasing, but the statistics about these accidents are often surprising. It is possible with more knowledge about these crimes, they may be avoided.

  • Vehicular Homicide Cases and DUI Defenses
      by HG.org

    It is imperative to defend a client no matter which state or law is involved. A defense strategy should be implemented as soon as possible when the accused is charged with vehicular homicide. Evidence is needed, and witnesses need to be questioned. All details of the death should be recorded and analyzed by a professional.

  • DUI Lawyers are Needed when DUI Suspicion Arises
      by HG.org

    It is important to obtain a lawyer when suspicion of DUI is possible. If charges for a DUI or DWI are a likely outcome, it is imperative to start a legal defense immediately. Obtaining a lawyer is a needed action to learn about rights, to discover what options are available and to know what to do next.

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