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  • Business Lawyer Explains Special Considerations when Terminating Employees
      by HG.org

    There are a number of laws and regulations in place that protect employees from unlawful and unwarranted termination. Because of these, it is vital to ensure that there is a legitimate reason the worker is being fired, there is evidence to back up the claim and the individual is not protected by certain stipulations.

  • Role of Employee Handbooks in At-Will Employment
      by HG.org

    The employee handbook is usually one of the first things a new worker receives after he or she is inducted into the training program in a company. These documents may or may not necessitate the use of signatures, but when they do it is to prove that the individual is aware there is a handbook, that the contents have been read and that the employee will abide by the regulations while at the job.

  • Problems with not Paying Employees Properly
      by HG.org

    It is important to understand that a fair wage for work is important. As the middle class is shrinking more with each passing year, money is ever more essential to daily and weekly living. Emotional, financial and psychological damage may occur when a paycheck is not paid out to an employee properly or as required by federal or state laws.

  • Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Repetitive Motion Injuries?
      by HG.org

    Workers’ compensation covers a variety of injuries, illnesses and conditions that occur at or due to workplaces where these incidents occur. This is partially due to the compensation benefits packages that employers purchase for the workers in the company and also to prevent possible liability for injuries that may transpire in the business or while someone is performing job duties during work hours.

  • Can My Employer Fire Me if I Fail a Company-ordered Polygraph?
      by HG.org

    In many cases, employers are not permitted to use polygraphs to test employees or job applicants. However, depending on the state and the type of employment, such tests may be permissible.

  • Breastfeeding Discrimination at Work

    Breastfeeding is touted as the best method for feeding infants, yet until recent laws were enacted, breastfeeding mothers faced public and workplace discrimination.

  • Determining an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee in California
      by HG.org

    California Labor Code defines an independent contractor in Section 3353. However, the state and the Internal Revenue Service have more carefully scrutinized the classification of a worker due to the rampant abuse of designating employees as independent contractors in order to avoid employer responsibilities.

  • What Legal Claims Are there for People Harmed by Asbestos?
      by HG.org

    Asbestos exposure has been proven conclusively by scientists to be deadly to individuals that are around the material. It is important that employers protect workers from these potential hazards that affect the health of those exposed to asbestos.

  • Unpaid Interns

    The days of the “Unpaid Intern” are slowly fading away because unpaid internships pose significant risk to today’s employers. In the past, many people gained valuable on-the-job experience working as unpaid interns.

  • Employees and Social Media Rights

    Do you know your rights as an Employer if you find out your Employees are speaking negatively about you, their jobs or your company on social media sites? Is your general assumption that it simply cannot be allowed and they’d have to refrain? Would you be surprised to know that assumption may be incorrect?

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