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  • Ten Practice Tips for Handling Complex Probate

    It’s difficult but not impossible, and there is a lot to be said for taking a methodical approach to handling complex probate.

  • Selling the Family Home after Your Surviving Parent Dies

    When the last surviving parent of an adult child passes away, the family home often needs to be sold.

  • Colorado Probate and Estate Tax Laws

    When someone passes away, it is important that the matter is settled quickly and easily so that the family and other dependents are given time to grieve and become situated with the circumstances. It is then vital that the next steps are taken to resolve any outstanding matters. The estate then must be settled and allocated as specified by a will or last testament.

  • Can the Mortgage Holder of the House I Shared with My Spouse Pursue Me for Collection?

    Sometimes two people may be living together in one home and the owner of the home may pass away. When the individuals own the property as joint tenants with right of survivorship, the situation is not too complicated because the remaining owner absorbs the other owner’s portion of the property.

  • Can a U.S. Creditor Reach My Foreign Inheritance Deposited in a Foreign Bank?

    Keeping creditors from snatching money from just any bank account is important for many. There are many states that have authorized protections from one branch of the United States bank with access to the corresponding institution in another country.

  • Passing the Estate to Nonfamily Members: Expert Witness

    In some situations, a person may wish to pass his or her property to a business partner, friend, church member or other individual outside of his or her own family. Understanding what heirs are and any statutory right to inherit is important. An expert witness can explain the steps that are legally necessary to effectuate this transaction and whether they were or were not present in a specific situation.

  • New Jersey Estate Tax Law

    As well as paying inheritance tax if you are the named recipient in a will people of New Jersey are also subject to additional Estate Tax if the value of the property is deemed taxable as well as adjusted gifts being taxable.

  • Prenuptial Agreements and Digital Assets: Why You Need to Plan for Them

    Today’s society largely stays in touch over social media and other electronic means. Individuals may share a number of digital assets or may want to keep them separate. Knowing how digital assets will be treated and divided in the event of divorce or death can provide clarity to this issue. Prenuptial agreements can help safeguard digital assets.

  • What Is a “Transfer on Death Deed” and Should I Use It?

    There are many documents that may be created and used to permit the passing of property, assets and funds from one person to another upon the event of his or her death. Many of these are for business use if someone must leave the company or if a death occurs.

  • Can a Co-Trustee of a Family Business Trust Eliminate the Other Co-Trustees?

    Some family businesses are held in trust which allow trusted trustees to protect the asset so that the business is not adversely affected by family disagreements. The trust document contains specific information and directives regarding how the family business can be ran and provide protections to the business and the beneficiaries.

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