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  • The Basics of Crowdfunding

    Over the past couple of years, the process of crowdfunding has become hugely popular as a means to start businesses, launch new products, or support any number of causes. In this post, we’ll cover what crowdfunding is and how it gained popularity as well as the different types of crowdfunding so that you can either utilize the different platforms available to fund your own project, or to make wiser investments.

  • Fighting Back Against Internet Defamation

    The internet is a tempting forum for employees and competitors to get revenge by posting negative reviews. Many consumers read websites such as Yelp when choosing a businesses to patronize. We business-owners should understand this new phenomenon and deal with its repercussions, especially negative reviews.

  • The Importance of Writing Good Legal Content

    What is Good Legal Content? Good Legal Content is content that serves two purposes, one it gains the attention of the reader, hopefully one who is a potential client. The content gives them enough information and intrigues them enough to make them want to contact your office for more information, or better yet a consultation.

  • What is a Work for Hire Agreement?

    If you are commissioning someone to work on a project for you, are not a traditional employer, and yet want to retain all rights to the work created, it becomes important to understand "work for hire" agreements.

  • Bipartisan Bill Looks to Crack Down on Rogue Websites

    A bipartisan group in the U.S. House of Representatives recently introduced legislation intended to combat the illegal distribution of counterfeit goods via rogue websites hosted overseas. The proposed bill greatly expands protections for intellectual property (IP) and, if passed, would bring sweeping changes to copyright law.

  • Facebook Pictures and Privacy Concerns with Facial Recognition Technology

    Face Recognition Technology

  • Did Lawsuit Get Filed in The Right Place?

    In the age of the internet, filing lawsuits has become more complicated. Consider the scenario where you order a product from a website and the company is from out of state or maybe you are working with an vendor or supplier that is located out of state. Some dispute arises and a lawsuit is imminent. Where should the lawsuit be filed?

  • $1.5 Million For Texting? That is Awesome, Dude

    Between email and texting and IM and social media messaging in its varied forms, the number of ways to communicate without ever actually speaking is astonishing. And it can lead to big problems when combined with continuing contract discussions. If your life is anything like mine, you were forced into text messaging kicking and screaming.

  • User Agreements for your website

    Don't think you need contracts for your website? Think again! Consult a lawyer today that specializes in internet law.

  • “I Never Signed Nuthin!” Five Tips For Small Biz Internet Contracts

    If you’re a small business with an e-commerce website you’d be best served making sure your site does substantiate understanding of the transaction and it does confirm assent to the terms in what the courts have uniformly called a “fair and forthright” manner. Here are five tips to help you do just that.

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