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  • Can I Get Back My Right to Vote after Being Convicted of a Felony?
      by HG.org

    Restoring the civil rights of an individual is not as easy as filing a petition or going to an official agency and contacting someone, because there are restrictions on these matters depending on the state as well. This means it is important to know if it is possible, how to do so and what rights may be restored if any for the individual that committed and was convicted of a felony charge.

  • Will Police Spy on You Through Your Phone?

    Recently, the Supreme Court agreed to review a case out of the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals that addresses Fourth Amendment rights and cell phones. The case is Carpenter vs. United States and is significant because it can change the way digital information is accessed by police and if the access would require a warrant. Moreover, the ruling on this case has the potential to strengthen or seriously weaken the protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment in regards to surveillance.

  • Petit Crimes: "The Devil Made Me Do It!"

    Being arrested or charged with a crime can be a devastating experience, especially when you've never been in trouble before. People caught shoplifting are often blindsided by their own behavior and have a difficult time explaining what motivated them.

  • Felony DUIs in Colorado Mean You're Going to Jail

    In 2015, Colorado passed a law which made a fourth DUI or more a felony offense. By definition, a felony is a crime in which the sentence includes the possibility of prison time. In this case, a felony DUI is punishable by 2 to 6 years in prison. However, despite the seriousness of this mandate, many of those convicted for felony DUI have only received probationary sentences or nominal jail time.

  • Romberg Test DUI Results Used by Police Have Never Been Proven to Reliably Identify Drug Impairment

    Named after a 19th-century neurologist, the Romberg test is used to evaluate medical patients to see if they have “normal” balance while simply standing in a certain manner.

  • Differences Between Armed Robbery and Robbery in Georgia: Who Was the Victim? Was a Weapon Used?

    Robbery in Georgia is a felony. The potential jail time varies [depending on whether] a weapon is involved. or the victim is elderly.

  • What's the Difference between Probation and Parole in Texas?

    The criminal justice system is confusing, and it’s easy for people to mix up words or use them interchangeably. “Probation” and “parole” are two legal terms that are often used incorrectly. While they share some similarities, they are definitely not the same. Here’s a look at the key difference between probation and parole in Texas.

  • Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

    As with anything in life, sometimes there are times where we have to determine whether or not to handle a problem or situation on our own, or if we need to bring in the experience of a professional. In some situations it may make sense to try to handle it on your own, other times it makes far more sense to hire an attorney. Let’s discuss when do you need a lawyer for a criminal charge.

  • Can You Go to Prison for Texting?

    Michelle Carter is a young woman in Boston who is on trial for manslaughter. While that is tragically unfortunate, the facts of this case are also highly unusual. Michelle’s boyfriend Conrad Roy III, the victim in this case, committed suicide. So why is she on trial? Michelle is accused of encouraging the act through a series of text messages that told Conrad to follow through on his plan and find peace by dying.

  • Smash and Grab Thefts on the Rise

    A smash and grab is a theft that occurs when the perpetrators drive a car into a building, quickly grab all the merchandise or money that they can and then flee. Even though the act is dramatic, attention getting, and often triggers alarms by breaking through security, they work because they happen so quickly. Just this week a Littleton gun store was hit for the third time this year.

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