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  • Licenses and Permits for Opening a Restaurant in Florida

    If you are opening a new restaurant in Florida or are the new owner of an existing restaurant, you are required by law to obtain a business license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurants before you can begin operation.

  • What Does the FDA Do

    If you have ever looked at a warning label on food or medicine, you may have noticed something that said “FDA Warning,” or “The FDA requires.” But what is the FDA, what does it do, and how does it enforce its rules?

  • Are There Any Foods That Are Illegal To Eat in the United States?

    Over the last few years, the American palate has broadened considerably with flavors from every corner of the globe popping up everywhere. But some foods that are considered common fare or rare delicacies in other countries are actually banned in the United States. This could be because of safety concerns, issues over the treatment of animals, environmental impact, or a number of other considerations. Whatever the case, these foods are banned in the USA:

  • What is a Liquor License and Why is it Such a Big Deal?

    A liquor license is, as the name implies, a license for the service of alcohol. But, many have referred to the procurement of a liquor license in almost reverent terms, as though it is a rare prize. So what is a liquor license and why is it such a big deal to have one?

  • Michigan Liquor License

    Liquor laws in Michigan are among the most complex out of all of the United States. Being able to navigate these laws efficiently yet with care requires both knowledge and experience. If you are looking into acquiring a liquor license, there are a number of things you should know before you begin the process.

  • 5 Considerations Before Franchising Your Business

    Before you decide to franchise your restaurant or business, there are a number of things you'll need to consider. This article examines five of these considerations: Is your restaurant "franchisable?" Have you opened more than one location? Are you able to support franchisees? Do you have a plan for marketing and advertising? And are you legally ready?

  • Summer Food Safety Tips

    It is a known fact that cases of "food poisoning" or food-borne illnesses rise in the summer months, mostly due to warmer temperatures, a rise in humidity and the fact that people get together for picnics and barbecues, where washing facilities are not readily available.

  • Food Dyes

    Food dyes are debated within the FDA.

  • Recent CDC Data Reveals Little Progress in Minimizing Food Poisoning

    While recent media reports have shown a slight decline in the occurrence of E. coli O157:H7 infections in 2009, these reports covering current CDC data on food poisoning have revealed that no real progress has been made in six years to reduce the incidence of dangerous pathogens in our food supply.

  • Food Safety Concerns in California Rise from Processed Food Items

    Food safety is a major concern for more and more Americans as food poisoning continues to plague many. A mild case of food poisoning, however, may be the least of your worries when it comes to many processed food items.

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