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  • Franchising for Medical, Dental and Veterinary Businesses

    Explaining the legal issues for health care franchises. Medical, dental, and veterinary franchises exist in the marketplace, witness Doctors Express, Comfort Dental, and Banfield Pet Hospital. Let’s see if they’re legal.

  • Setting Up an Ongoing Franchise Compliance and Housekeeping System

    Your work never ends as a franchisor. It is a real achievement to get your franchise system in place, and then make your state registrations and sell a few franchises. But that is just the beginning – now you have to maintain your franchise system. A franchise system requires a large amount of ongoing legal compliance and housekeeping work.

  • California Franchise Registration

    California requires franchise registration. You must register with the California Department of Corporations if you want to sell franchises in California. In this article I give you a brief overview of the process for registering a franchise in California.

  • The Basics of American Franchising

    Perhaps you have seen an advertisement at a restaurant suggesting that you can open your own franchise and make a lot of money. Or, have you seen an advertisement on TV or the Internet talking about franchising opportunities? Or has someone approached you about buying into a multilevel marketing franchise? Whatever the situation, an understanding of what franchising is and its legal ramifications can be important for a successful business.

  • What’s the Difference Between a Franchise and Seller Assisted Marketing Plans, Business Opportunities...

    In this article I quickly explain the difference between franchises and seller assisted marketing plans, business opportunities, multilevel marketing plans, salespersons, licenses and distributorships.

  • If You Want a Brooklyn Bagel, Go to Brooklyn, not Palm Beach….

    Any Floridian bagel junkie will know that Brooklyn Water Bagel company is for producing the ‘best’ bagels on the east coast, made with New York City's famously pure tap water. Recently, however the Palm Beach County company claimed it had nailed the secret of how to make locally baked bagels taste like those from up coast. The secret; there is no secret.

  • The Asheville Food Truck Industry

    Business is booming in the Asheville food truck industry. It took a little while (about a year) for Asheville City Council to approve the downtown vending. But as of Friday, March 2 food truck owners have their own space in downtown Asheville. “The Lot” is what food truck owners are calling the parking lot located next to the bus station at 51 Coxe Ave.

  • How to Avoid Commercial Lease Disputes

    The top 10 essential elements of a commercial lease... Most people are pretty familiar with the concept of leasing; most people experience leases when they rent an apartment or a car. Commercial leases are almost no different; they just involve space for a business. Commercial leases in Western North Carolina are frequently used to rent an office of warehouse.

  • Why Create a Company?

    The advantages of starting a company and being your own boss... You have a unique idea, you have a fresh product, you have a desirable service, why NOT start your own business? Entrepreneurship is an exciting venture, and can quite literally change a person’s life. There are so many great advantages to taking on such a project. To start a business you need motivation, talent and desire.

  • Choosing Between Different Types of Corporate Entities

    Starting a business is an exciting time, but there are important decisions to be made about the structure of your business. Here is a list of business entities and their differences. Once you decide to incorporate, one of the first things you will have to determine is the type of entity for your business structure.

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