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  • Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers Tackle Bankruptcy Fraud Allegations

    Bankruptcy occurs on the federal level. If someone violates the federal laws related to bankruptcy, he or she may face serious penalties. It is important to understand what constitutes fraud in the bankruptcy context in order to avoid the possibility of being charged with a crime of this nature.

  • PA Supreme Court Limits Government's Ability to Take Your Belongings in Civil Forfeiture Cases

    In a unanimous 73-page opinion, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has provided significantly increased protections for property-owners in civil forfeiture cases where the matter arises out of some sort of criminal wrongdoing for which there may not have been a prosecution.

  • Criminal Tax Evasion in Colorado

    Tax evasion charges in Colorado have significant consequences. Individuals may face an intense investigation and uncertainty when being confronted with charges of this nature. Potential penalties include exorbitant fines and jail time. Knowing how these charges can result can help people avoid common actions that result in charges of this nature being filed against them.

  • What Is Healthcare Fraud and How Can You Spot It?

    Healthcare has been a dominant subject in American life for many years. We talk at length about quality of care, medical errors, insurance coverage and a host of other topics relevant to the industry. Meanwhile, one of the most important aspects of our healthcare goes comparatively unnoticed.

  • Expert Witnesses in Criminal Defense Financial Cases

    Criminal defense cases often need an expert witness to verify facts, reconstruct a crime, explain how certain injuries were caused by the actions of the perpetrator and similar concerns. There is even the need when someone commits financial crimes such as fraud or theft. Some experts are forensic accountants, fraud investigators and professionals that have extensive experience in tax fraud, money laundering, bribes or corruption in financial markets, instances of embezzlement and investment concerns.

  • When Someone Is Misusing Someone’s POA, Is that Fraud or Elder Abuse?

    When someone is misusing a power of attorney, there may be many types of legal claims that can be made.

  • Expert Witnesses and the Securities Fraud Case Certification

    Fraud is often a very damaging crime to those affected. The theft of information or funds from a company tends to harm multiple persons, and it may lead to a continued problem for the business. When certain information is taken, it may be highly injurious based on who is involved and how much is stolen.

  • How to Remedy Business Fraud with the Help of an Expert Witness

    Business processes are often difficult to analyze and understand in a court room for the average person. Numerous complicated cases are extremely difficult to prosecute because the crimes are not understandable. An expert witness that has experience in the field of the business is often able to examine the documentation and grasp the details necessary to show how the crimes occurred and why the person is not at fault. In fraud scams or criminal activity, there may be someone that is blamed who took no part in the incident.

  • Quick-Cash Loan, Is It a Scam?

    There are many scams cycling through the country either from those within the United States or from foreign persons that attempt to steal as much money as possible from unsuspecting individuals. When something either appears too good to be true or there are certain uncertain terms, it is best to avoid these dealings.

  • Individual Investors Can Seek to Recover Losses through FINRA Arbitration

    For individual investors, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) arbitration process provides an opportunity to recover fraudulent investment losses without going to court.

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