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  • Car Dealer Fraud, What Can I Do?

    You spend days, maybe even weeks, sifting through ads and reviews, trying to find the perfect automobile for you. When you do, you seal the deal, sign the paperwork, and drive it off the lot only to discover that you have been had. What can you do?

  • Why did the Price of My Vehicle Go Up?

    Question: I traded my 2008 Dodge Ram in 2012 due to high payments and hardship. I only had one more year to go but it became overwhelming, so I went to the dealership. I told them that I didn’t have down but that my equity should cover that. I was offered a 2009 Mercury Milan. The price was listed at $13,000. The dealership gave me $2,000 credit for my truck, dropping the price of the Milan to $11,000.

  • Do I Have the Right to an Accessory Based on a Car Window Sticker?

    Question: I recently bought a used Ford Escape 2011. The window sticker clearly says that the standard equipment for the vehicle included a multi-compact disc player. However, there is a window sticker that was produced by a third party and placed on the window of the vehicle sold that states that they do not imply that all of the items listed on the window sticker are on the vehicle or to the vehicle’s condition.

  • NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation Letters

    A letter from the NYC Bureau of Fraud Investigation means that you have a potentially serious problem. Do not try to handle this on your own. Consult with an experienced Medicaid fraud lawyer before you meet with the investigators.

  • List of Scammers

    This is a list of emails and phone numbers from scammers.

  • Divorce Settlement Scammer in the Name of Alice Swang
      by offers a free lead service to the lawyers and law firms listed on its directories. Sometimes we receive emails from scammers such as the "Alice Swang" email below.

  • How Do Hot Check Laws Work?

    Hot checks cost the local and national economy millions of dollars in lost funds that were due for goods and services from individuals and businesses. In response to this epidemic, states across the country have enacted strict hot check laws that are meant to punish the individual who writes worthless checks.

  • Website Ripoffs: How to Get a Refund from an Uncooperative Website Owner

    Most of us have fallen for it at one time or another. A website offers a “free” or reduced fee trial for its services, but asks for a credit card upfront. It tells you that your membership will automatically renew if you do not cancel before the end of your free trial. You use the service, but do not want to pay for it, so you try to cancel and get charged anyway.

  • Arson - Why Your Criminal Defense Attorney Matters

    Arson cases can either be charged in federal or state court. In Minnesota, the most common arson charge is arson in the first degree, which charges that the person intentionally set fire to his home or other dwelling, usually for the insurance money or some other financial reason. This is a serious charge that, if convicted, will likely result in at least a 4-year prison sentence. If you or a family member is facing charges of arson, you need an attorney experienced in handling arson cases.

  • Committing Offenses on the Internet – Internet Crime

    When a crime is allegedly committed using the internet the first question is always, “Where should this case be handled?” Should it be in the state where the offender committed the offense? Should it be where the victim lives? Should it be somewhere else like in federal court?

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