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  • Individual Investors Can Seek to Recover Losses through FINRA Arbitration

    For individual investors, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) arbitration process provides an opportunity to recover fraudulent investment losses without going to court.

  • Private Investigators Help Prevent Catfishing Schemes

    Catfishing schemes have become more common as social media presence has increased over time. They often lure unsuspecting victims in, potentially costing them time, money and frustration.

  • Kickback Fraud in the Health Care Business

    Competition for health care business is strong. Every possible service from pharmaceutical manufacturers to providers of durable medical equipment has sales reps fighting for business.

  • Private Investigators and Insurance Cases

    One of the most common reasons that private investigators are hired is to assist with insurance cases. In many cases, they try to uncover whether a fraudulent insurance claim has been filed. They do this by conducting an investigation and employing other investigative techniques.

  • Top Ways to Prevent Fraud from a Private Investigator

    Private investigators do not only have to be hired after some bad conduct has occurred. Instead, they can be hired as a preventative measure. They can help prevent fraud from occurring in the first place so that a person or business is not harmed by the wrongdoing of others.

  • When Medicaid Planning is Fraud

    Fraud crimes are perpetuated in almost every facet where money or benefits are exchanged. Though fraud may primarily deal in information, the actions of using that information are still considered invalid and a form of fraud.

  • When is Filing for Unemployment Fraud?

    When filing for unemployment, there are some instances that are considered fraud. These usually occur when the person collects unemployment payouts due to incorrect, misreported or unreported data.

  • What Are the Different Types of Fraud

    Many different forms of fraud have been committed for countless years. These crimes may rob others of resources, money, information or other items that are considered valuable to someone. When the digital age bloomed, identity theft became a major concern.

  • Ways to Avoid Problems with the IRS

    Because criminal investigations initiated by the Internal Revenue Service require resources and time that may be better utilized elsewhere, starting a case for possible tax crimes is not sought after by this agency. Audits are often routine for various reasons based on data collected during and after tax season.

  • IRS Criminal Investigations

    The Internal Revenue Service is called when both businesses and individuals are suspected of illegal income, revenue and wage activity. Anyone may be subject to an audit, but these are especially harmful when there are actual illegal processes occurring within the company.

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