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  • How Can People Lose Their Social Security Disability Benefits

    Social Security disability benefits provide claimants with much needed income while they are unable to work. However, in some cases, these benefits can be lost.

  • When a Dental Malpractice Mistake Happens, Patients Have Options

    Across the US, dental malpractice cases happen much more frequently than you might expect. It might not sound to be such a big issue, but on the contrary, mistakes made by a dentist can have long-term affects. These affects can be associated with cosmetic deformities, excessive pain, disease misdiagnosis and in rare cases even lead to death.

  • Medical Negligence in Weight Loss Surgery

    Medical negligence is a serious problem in the medical field. In fact, according to the American Medical Association, it is one of the top three causes of death in this country.

  • Choosing an Onset Date for Disability

    When applying for Social Security disability benefits, one of the first questions you will be asked is “on which date did you become disabled.” While this question may seem straightforward, many people find themselves struggling to decide on the appropriate date to list on the application.

  • Listed Impairment and Approval

    When you have a disability that leaves you unable to work, the last thing you want to hear is that it might take months or even years to find out if you are eligible for Social Security benefits.

  • Nurse Fatigue and Medical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice often involves more than a treating doctor and a patient. Instead, many individuals may contribute or detract from a patient’s care, including lab technicians, pharmacists, assistants and nurses. When factors affect support staff, a critical error may be made in a patient’s treatment.

  • Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

    When a family makes the difficult decision to move a loved one into a nursing home, they expect that the loved one will be treated properly. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect abuse affects millions of people every year.

  • Communication Errors

    Nearly one third of all medical malpractice cases can be directly linked to communication errors, according to a recent study conducted by CRICO Strategies, a division of the risk management group that insures Harvard-affiliated hospitals.

  • Disability Benefits for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), is a serious and debilitating condition characterized by extreme fatigue that is not relieved by rest and may be worsened by physical or mental activity.

  • Technologies that Can Help Prevent Medical Errors

    Every year, thousands of American die from medical errors that could have been prevented. At the same time, important advances in technology continue to be made. By implementing certain technologies, human lives may be able to be saved. Further advances may reduce fatal errors, prevent them or remove them completely.

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