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  • How to File a Mechanics and Materialmen's Lien in Georgia

    Contractors and suppliers, whose labor, services, equipment or materials were used to improve real estate, may be entitled to file a claim of lien under the Georgia Mechanics and Materialman's Lien Statute if they are not paid. Navigating this law, however, can be difficult so we have put together this step-by-step guide to help you understand the complexities of Georgia's Lien Laws.

  • Absurd Animal Cases in Homeowners Associations
      by HG.org

    In my former legal practice, I found that few cases were more prone to absurd happenings, bizarre government policies, or overly expensive litigation than pet cases.

  • Dealing with Nuisance Neighbors
      by HG.org

    We have all had the situation at some point: a neighbor that cares for nobody but themselves. Stereo blasting late at night, dogs barking or attacking others, construction that causes damage to our property...the list goes on. So what do you do in those instances when reasoning with the neighbor just is not working?

  • What Owners Should Know About Homeowner Association Collections
      by HG.org

    If you live in a homeowners association, condominium, co-op, or other community association, you are probably already familiar with the concept of paying assessments, dues, service fees, or whatever your association may call them. But what happens if you get behind in paying your assessments? Can you stop paying these fees if you think your association is not treating you fairly?

  • What are Fiduciary Duties?
      by HG.org

    We often hear that someone owes us a fiduciary duty, whether in a business setting, certain transactions, or even a condo/co-op or homeowners association. But what is a fiduciary duty, how does a fiduciary relationship arise, and what are its implications?

  • Before You Buy or Sell, Check Indoor Air Quality

    Mold, Radon and other contributing factors to indoor air quality can significantly alter the value of a property and how well it sells. It can even constitute a claim or lawsuit.

  • Use of Easements

    An easement is a grant of permission by the owner of land (known as the subservient estate) in favor of the owner of a different parcel of land (known as the dominant estate) to cross over and/or use a portion of the subservient estate.

  • Forced Flood Insurance
      by Cates Law

    Over the last several years, a number of large banks have been forcing homeowners to purchase excessive and in some cases unnecessary flood insurance policies at overpriced premiums. If you have been forced or pressured into buying one of these costly policies you may be able to recover your losses.

  • Dual Tracking is Expected in Ohio

    Plaintiffs in Foreclosure litigation will continue to proceed with the foreclosure litigation despite having a loan modification application pending. I recently read a post regarding the California Act that will prohibit Banks from "dual tracking" foreclosure cases. This term of art that is developing describes the situation in which the Bank continues to work with the Homeowner to modify the mortgage while also proceeding with the foreclosure action.

  • Legal Obligations and Liabilities of Condominium Homeowners’ Associations for the Common Areas in California Law

    Legal obligations and liabilities of condominium homeowners’ associations under the Davis-Stirling Act under California law for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas of the condominium property.

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