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  • Concealed Carry Permit Holders and Public Transportation in Wisconsin

    Milwaukee’s newest form of public transportation, the downtown street car, aims to connect commuters to Milwaukee’s thriving business district. The street car will bring more flexibility and choice to Milwaukee’s public transportation.

  • Are the Police Tracking My Phone

    Stingray cases are working their way through the courts now. If you or others you know face a prosecution involving Stingray evidence or invasion of cell phone privacy, you need to retain experienced legal counsel who are knowledgeable in Constitutional Law, technology and who regularly use forensic computer experts.

  • Brighton Declaration and Human Rights

    A conference held in Brighton brought together 47 member states of the Council of Europe so that the issue of human rights could be discussed for over 800 million persons for protections. The declaration that was involved has not been met with positive criticism or reactions due to the changes proposed.

  • The “Pop-Up-Keyboard" Defense: How Apps, Mobile Phones, and "Terms of Use" Work Together

    Unlike the Blackberry keyboards of yesteryears, your smartphone probably has a pop-up touch-screen keyboard. Recently, the Northern District of California took issue with this modern design, and denied Uber’s motion to compel arbitration because a pop-up keyboard blocked Uber’s Terms and Conditions from view while a user registered for the app.

  • Stop and Frisk

    In 2011, the City of Philadelphia entered into a Consent Decree to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging the Philadelphia Police Department was conducting pedestrian stops (known as Terry stops) based on race. Pursuant to the Consent Decree, the City shares with the ACLU of Pennsylvania and its co-counsel, and an independent court monitor, stop and frisk data for review and analysis.

  • Introduction to Elder Abuse and Negligence in Florida

    In Florida, elder abuse and neglect is quite common, so it’s important to recognize the common signs.

  • Illegal Search and Seizures in Illinois Police Misconduct Cases

    The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution grants every citizen the right to protection from unlawful searches and seizures at the hands of the police, even if you are under investigation or facing criminal charges. Because you have the right to security in your own person and your own home, police misconduct charges can be filed if these rights are violated, or if an illegal search is performed.

  • Is Denying Medical Treatment to Minors Legal in New Jersey?

    Legally, minors are incompetent and lack the necessary experience on matters such as their education and medical care. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to take care of their children by ensuring they are healthy.

  • Manufacturers of Self-Driving May Be Protected from Lawsuits

    Self-driving cars will undoubtedly become a widely-acceptable new technology in the near future. But, as with any new technology, mistakes can happen. In this case, dangerous car accidents that could ruin lives are a possibility, even though computerized cars are meant to make driving safer. And the manufacturers of these autonomous cars are pushing for protection from lawsuit through federal preemption. Here's why this could be a serious problem for drivers of autonomous cars.

  • The History of Police Brutality, and What it Means for You

    Police brutality in the United States has always been a huge problem, though it is more visible now that widespread ownership of handheld electronic devices gives ordinary people the unprecedented power to record instances of police using extreme force against the unarmed and the powerless.

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