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U.S. Immigration Law attorneys provide legal services for individuals who are not citizens of the U.S, with emphasis on their legal status here. This includes their legal rights, duties and obligations when living in and/or visiting the U.S., as well as the federally mandated requirements for entering and/or remaining in the U.S.

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  • U.S. Citizen Detained by Mistake Files Lawsuit

    A new lawsuit in Florida is testing the Trump administration policies meant to exert pressure on cities and counties that refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers.

  • How America’s Immigrant Workforce Is Changing

    Immigrants account for 17 percent of the American labor force.

  • Immigrants Are Essential to the Economy

    Immigration is a heated issue in America, largely because of the politics involved. Setting politics aside, consider the ramifications of reducing immigration on the economy. To understand why immigrants are essential to the economy the numbers, rather than political passions, must be considered.

  • An Immigration Strategy for Your Non-Citizen Criminal Client

    Every criminal defense lawyer needs a plan when they represent non-citizens. Immigration issues can be complex and often more impactful upon the client than the criminal charge itself.

  • Acquiring Work Visas in the United States for Employment Purposes

    For someone from a foreign country to enter the United States, he or she must acquire a visa. This may be a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary or limited time within the country, or this could be a permanent residence stay with a full immigrant visa.

  • Divorce and Immigration

    The end of a marriage can be a traumatic event, but it may be doubly so if you are an immigrant whose residency in the United States might be at stake. If you are a Florida resident married to a U.S. citizen and in the process of filing for divorce, it is essential that you look for both divorce lawyers in Florida and a Florida immigration attorney.

  • Is Legal Status Possible If I Used a False Name on My Asylum Application?

    Asylum is a special immigration status that allows someone to potentially stay in a country even though he or she did not qualify for immigration on other grounds. Asylum may be granted to individuals who are being persecuted for religious or political beliefs.

  • Divorce Related Immigration Issues

    Divorce proceedings can affect one’s immigration status as well as one’s ability to continue to reside in the United States. In a situation where a person’s immigration status is dependent on or interlinked with marriage, things can get complicated soon enough and add stress to an already stressful situation.

  • Both Me and My Spouse Are in the U.S. on Visas, Can We Get a Divorce Here?

    Many people travel to the United States on visas every year. These are individuals who may plan to stay in the United States for a certain amount of time, such as when they are finished traveling or attending school, or they may be individuals who eventually have a plan to immigrate permanently to the United States. While they are in the country, they may decide to change their marital status.

  • How Expert Witnesses Are Tapped for Immigration Cases

    Immigration cases are often complicated when there are multiple factors or enough elements to cause a success for either side to be uncertain. Various immigration issues stem from those seeking asylum in the United States when they cannot remain in their own country.

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