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  • Year-End Insurance Tips for the Small Business Owner

    If you own a small business you are exposed to numerous risks, including lawsuits by third parties, your own employees, and those you do business with. Damage to your business property or premises can be catastrophic without insurance to cover the losses.

  • California Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome Litigation Attorneys

    Lawsuits filed by attorneys in California over Indoor Air Quality or Sick Building Syndrome, are increasing. The WHO estimates that nearly 30 percent of new and remodeled buildings worldwide have indoor air quality problems (possibly 20 percent in the U.S., according to one study). In California, dangerous indoor air quality and sick building syndrome are a growing area of law for lawyers in the areas of personal injury, real estate, construction, homeowner associations and business.

  • How To Deal With Sneaky Insurance Adjusters

    If you need compensation for injuries due to an accident, you need to be aware of one important thing—insurance companies are in business to make—not give away—money!

  • How an Insurance Attorney Can Help a Public Adjuster

    By working together on litigating insurance claims, public adjusters and attorneys can obtain beneficial outcomes for their client. In their partnership, each will use their unique skill set to recover the maximum possible compensation for the claimant.

  • Life Insurance Claims in North Carolina

    This Article addresses life insurance claims in North Carolina, and some issues that frequently arise in these claims, including whether the death is accidental, and whether the insured made a misrepresentation in the policy application. Life insurance claims in North Carolina are governed by the policy itself, state statutes, and sometimes federal ERISA laws.

  • Arizona Upholds $54 Million Reduction of Punitive Damages in Insurance Bad Faith Case

    The Arizona Court of Appeals recently upheld a trial court's reduction of a $55 million punitive damages award to only $620,000 and further reduced the punitive damages to $155,000-a 1:1 ratio to compensatory damages.

  • Arizona Court of Appeals Upholds Damron Agreement and Declares Facts in Stipulated Judgments

    The Arizona Court of Appeals recently upheld as valid and enforceable a Damron Agreement in which an insured and its excess insurer assigned their rights against a primary insurer. In so holding, the Court of Appeals made the significant declaration that an insurer who refuses to defend is bound for purposes of coverage by any issues determined in a stipulated judgment that underlies a Damron Agreement.

  • What Physicians Should Know about Insurer's Retrospective Audits

    What are retrospective audits? Once insurance claims are settled, physicians’ practices hope, and probably assume, that the claims won’t be revisited. The American Medical Association (AMA) and American Academy of Neurology presented a cautionary report, updated in 2010, warning physicians that insurers may be taking a backward look at previously settled transactions from even years earlier.

  • Good Faith Insurance Claims

    What insurance companies are required to do. When a disaster happens to your home, you like most people will be looking to your insurance company to file a claim. As a policy holder, you have been faithfully making payments to your insurance company so that in the event of a disaster you can be covered by simply paying a deductible.

  • Property Insurance Rates Skyrocketing in Florida

    Florida is known for being a disaster-prone state, and insurance companies are always quick to point out the many hurricanes that have ravished the state in past years. However, residents of Central Florida have been seeing massive increases in their property insurance rates over the last couple months.

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