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  • Due Diligence 101: Real Estate Lawyer Assistance

    Due diligence is essential in many different aspects of business to include real estate property purchases and selling. To ensure due diligence is accomplished, those involved must investigate the situation and ensure all legal and other matters are taken care of to include provisions, conditions, contracts and any other related concerns.

  • Real Estate and the Exception for Reasonable Wear and Tear

    Buyers initiate a deal to purchase real estate with the intent to buy something that is maintained, kept up to standards and that is whole upon the date to move into it. However, when the property is rented or leased, it is the tenant that must ensure the real estate unit is kept in good condition even through the standard wear and tear.

  • Legal Aspects of Commercial Lease Guarantees

    When renting, leasing or purchasing property, it is vital that the agreement signed which contractually binds two parties together is understood fully. This may mean reading it and asking questions for clarification, hiring a lawyer to assist with the documentation or similar situations.

  • What Is the Implied Warranty of Habitability and Why Does It Matter?

    The implied warranty of habitability relates to residential leases and requires that rented property meet certain standards. This warranty can impact a tenantís rights and a landlordís obligations.

  • Legal Issues to Consider when Renting a Home

    Individuals who choose to rent a home have many factors to consider. By carefully considering these factors, they can protect their legal interests.

  • Negotiations of Leases Between Residential Renters and Landlords

    Renters and landlords are often at opposing ends in real estate transactions. Many landlords have a standard lease form that they use for all tenants. However, there may come times when a renter wants something other than what is in the boilerplate language a standard lease agreement contains. The renter or the landlord may wish to negotiate different terms. Some ways to accomplish this include:

  • When a Real Estate Valuation Expert Is Needed

    Real estate matters are important to those that are either selling and buying or seeking investment opportunities. This means that an accurate evaluation or determination of the value of the property must be completed.

  • Expert Witnesses on Drones and Privacy Issues

    Drones usually defy privacy, as they are able to fly into the private and persona property of another individual. This means that if the drone is equipped with cameras or a recording device, the conversations of a person over the phone or with another and even groups may be intruded upon.

  • Land Trusts as a Way to Protect Assets

    It may be important to obtain a land trust so that assets may be protected in a number of ways. These are private agreements where the trustee permits to holding the title of a property so that another party may benefit. This person or beneficiary is usually the individual that creates the trust and is generally the original titleholder of the property in this agreement.

  • What Are My Rights of Having a Life Estate in Property?

    It is important to understand what a life estate is with property and how it affects a person. With this, the rights of an individual applied to these situations must be fully comprehended so that mistakes are not made. A life estate is usually property that has been acquired during the lifetime of a person with his or her ownership only lasting through the time he or she lives.

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