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  • When Do I Need a Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreement?

    Many commercial leases for business owners or management have subordination, non-disturbance and attornment types of agreements in the contractual documentation.

  • When to Contact a Construction Litigation Lawyer

    Construction contracts may end in trouble or may be broken before the structure has been built. Many of these issues end in litigation, and this usually requires the assistance of a lawyer. Initially, a lawyer should be hired to ensure the contract signed by the person who may become the plaintiff is solid, clear of confusion or vague information and beneficial.

  • Real Estate Arrangements with Disabled Persons

    Persons with disabilities are protected by the Fair Housing Act in which they may be provided a place for rent or to purchase no matter which disability they have. However, it is often better to ensure the purchase of a place that tailors to the impairment. This means if someone is blind, he or she should have a place with furniture and items in a fixed position.

  • Preventing Commercial Lease Dispute Complications with Expert Witness Testimony

    Before signing a commercial lease, individuals may consider possible ways to protect themselves before the lease, during the tenancy and after it. An expert witness can provide assistance in discussing commercial lease disputes and settlement negotiations.

  • Expert Witness: Legal Complications in Transfers of Ownership

    Sometimes a person may wish to transfer real estate, whether residential or commercial, to another person. However, when conducting these transactions, legal complications may arise, necessitating the use of an expert witness to explain potential legal complications.

  • Fair Housing Complications and What to Look For

    State and federal regulations comply with the Fair Housing Act as implemented throughout the United States so that buyers or renters of a residence are protected from potential discrimination by a seller or landlord. These protections are connected to the Civil Rights Act and awarded to those affected by bias towards certain persons.

  • What Is a “Quiet Title” in Real Estate Law?

    Real estate deals are often complex with many different concepts that apply to certain transactions and issues that may arise. One of these areas is a quiet title. These may have actions or may only be part of real estate dealings.

  • Understanding What a Real Estate Lien Is and Is Not

    Many property owners have liens on their houses or land. While it is best to ensure these are not still active and have been paid off, that is not always possible for homeowners. Before the house may be sold, most liens must be removed.

  • Important Legal Tips for Selling a House to a Relative

    Selling a home is often difficult when taking all involved factors into account. However, when the buyer is a relative, this may be complicated. If the individual feels he or she should be provided some kind of discount or lower purchase price, the dealing may fail before it begins.

  • Does a Fence Matter in Adverse Possession Cases?

    Adverse possession occurs when the someone obtains the legal ownership of a house that he or she treats as his or hers with a timeframe sufficient enough that it appears to be his or her even when it is not originally.

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