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  • Closing Problems & Pitfalls

    Occasionally unexpected issues arise that delay, or even stop, a real estate closing. There are also situations in which a Purchaser obtains title to property, and after closing learns that the property is subject to significant problems that would have been disclosed by the advice of an attorney or the review of a survey. Here are four recent examples:

  • How Arbitrary and Nasty the Power of Eminent Domain Can Be

    Seizure of the Barries' Colorado dream cabin shows how arbitrary and nasty the power of eminent domain can be.

  • The Unfortunate Rise of Civil Asset Forfeiture

    The rise of civil asset forfeiture as a means of increasing government revenues.

  • California Cities Canít Avoid Constitutional Liability for A Taking by Dissolving their Redevelopment Agencies

    For years local redevelopment agencies were the bane of private property rights in California. Until recently these agencies were clothed with the power to seize private homes through eminent domain and then give that property to private developers like Costco or Wal-Mart, all in the name of community development.

  • California Cities May Soon Snub the Constitution by Seizing Underwater Mortgages

    Eminent domain lawyers analyze California cities seizing underwater mortgages through eminent domain.

  • When is it Okay Not to Pay Rent

    Leases are tricky things. They are a combination of contract laws, agreements between the parties, and laws and regulations that relate to landlords and tenants, housing standards, zoning, safety, etc. As a result, although a lease agreement may say you have to pay rent always and under every circumstance, there are plenty of times when one of these other laws may intervene.

  • Understanding Building Codes

    Building codes establish standards for the construction of buildings and other structures. Virtually every structure in a modern building is subject to at least one, and usually several different building codes.

  • Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Seattle to Build a New Home?

    It has become widely accepted that it is important to have a real estate lawyer Seattle when you are buying an existing home. After all, you will need a real estate lawyer Seattle to help you to negotiate a purchase and sales agreement with the seller and to make sure the agreement contains the appropriate protective clauses.

  • Zoning Restrictions in Commercial Developments

    With the constant development that occurs in real estate, zoning restrictions are placed on what can be built and how it can be used in a certain area. Commercial developments are a wide reaching issue in a world that is always looking to expand. Real estate in California is sought after by many looking to gain a spot of their own along the golden coast.

  • Disputes over Boundary Lines

    Property records are not always clear when it comes to defining the boundary lines that belong to the owner. Due to the vagueness, many boundary disputes can arise. When your property sits along the line of another personís property questions may come up as to how far each of your line of ownership extends.