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  • Can Creditors Force a Partition?

    There are instances where the court has ordered that real estate property be divided up into separate portions due to the interests of tenants involved.

  • Angry Renters, a Management Company and Damages Owed

    Angry renters are the worst possible persons to have within a rental property. They often trash the inside with left over junk, break various pieces of the interior or the walls and leave the entire property in a huge mess that takes hours to clean. When the damage affects the use of the building, this is when compensation and repairs are required. If a management company is in use to ensure the rental unit is taken care of while the owner is not local, this business should be held responsible for damages, lost rent and any problems that may arise.

  • My Neighbor’s Animals Are Ruining My Life and Property Value. Can I Sue?

    When a neighbor is being a nuisance, there are some instances where the person affected may file a claim against them. This is often seen when the nuisance affects the quality of life, the value of property or may injury someone through illness or bodily harm.

  • Real Estate Litigation and Construction Disputes

    There are several types of litigation possible involving real estate deals. It is when there are construction disputes that these matters become more complicated.

  • Retail Lease Considerations

    Whether renting a property or renting out the property, it is important to consider what lease provisions to include. Either party can make suggestions regarding the lease so long as any suggested provisions are not in violation of the applicable laws.

  • Due Diligence in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

    Commercial transactions often have long-lasting consequences including the ability to gain or lose a significant amount of money. The due diligence process provides protection to buyers and safeguards against determinable issues that affect the purchase.

  • Real Estate Foreclosure and Disclosure

    The disclosure of certain details about real estate deals is usually misunderstood. What may be provided is not often known. This may be due to constant changes in disclosure laws.

  • What Is the Landlord Tenant Law in New Jersey?

    When a landlord takes on a tenant certain information has to be disclosed. The usual practice for doing so is to put it into the rent agreement. This will alert tenants as to whether they live in an area that is a flood zone or similar.

  • Immediate Eviction Is Virtually Impossible under Massachusetts Law

    Tenants may picture themselves as suddenly homeless when subjected to the eviction process. In Massachusetts, the law includes many complex requirements that extend the process longer than most people might expect.

  • How Does a Real Estate Lawyer Help with Boundary Disputes?

    Boundaries with real estate are good to have so that each person is aware of what property he or she is responsible for. This also enhances relationships when there are fewer disputes.

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