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  • Preventing Commercial Lease Dispute Complications with Expert Witness Testimony

    Before signing a commercial lease, individuals may consider possible ways to protect themselves before the lease, during the tenancy and after it. An expert witness can provide assistance in discussing commercial lease disputes and settlement negotiations.

  • Rights of Domestic Violence Victims in Rental Property

    Victims of domestic violence suffer from various issues that stem from the abuse that has been inflicted upon them. Because of these problems, they are more prone to needing therapy and time to get over the psychological trauma. This means they are unable to retain gainful employment in most circumstances until they have resolved the matter with the individual in the home.

  • Important Legal Tips for Selling a House to a Relative

    Selling a home is often difficult when taking all involved factors into account. However, when the buyer is a relative, this may be complicated. If the individual feels he or she should be provided some kind of discount or lower purchase price, the dealing may fail before it begins.

  • LGBT Protections under the Fair Housing Act

    Protections for gay, lesbian, transgendered and similar individuals are not often found in the United States. However, the Fair Housing Act has been amended to include these persons when in regards to renting and buying homes so that they are not discriminated against without legal action possible.

  • Importance of Negotiating Assignment Clauses in Commercial Lease Transactions

    Commercial spaces may be difficult to obtain depending on the city where the businesses reside. Because of this, there are many different clauses in leases that deal with transactions, permitted activity on the land and various other concerns that often need the assistance of negotiation to resolve.

  • Early Lease Termination Agreements: Economic Considerations for Landlords and Distressed Tenants

    A small business has leased commercial space, encountered economic difficulties, and can no longer afford the lease payments. In some cases, the business is out in front of the problem, seeking to work with the landlord prior to a payment default. In other cases, the business is already behind on its rental obligations, and possibly facing a legal action for eviction.

  • Interviewing Your (Potential) Real Estate Agent: What to Ask

    When there is the potential for purchasing real estate, the person considering buying a property should contact a real estate agent. In order to complete the process of obtaining an agent, it is important to know what to ask him or her before the hiring is accomplished.

  • Avoiding Typical Problems with Commercial Leases with the Help of a Real Estate Lawyer

    There are a number of concerns that may arise when starting a commercial lease. It is vital that the documentation signed by the person involved is analyzed thoroughly by a real estate lawyer to ensure the statements are most beneficial for the leaseholder.

  • Tax-Foreclosure Property Purchased, Can I Evict?

    There are many ways in which to purchase a property. Of these, when a residence has already been purchased, but the taxes are ignored for years, it is possible that a foreclosure occurs where it may be bought once again by someone else for a greatly reduced price.

  • Property Ownership: Joint Tenants or Tenants-in-Common

    The ownership of a property may be accomplished through various means. However, there are two that are common especially among married or tenants that need a joint ownership arrangement. In many real estate dealings, married couples find the need to have joint rights to a property based on numerous factors.

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