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  • Effect of Statute of Frauds on Real Estate Disputes

    When a statue of frauds issue occurs, this means that a violation has transpired with a contract in writing, singed by involved parties bound to the contract with a real estate dispute. The status of frauds protects these agreements and each person is bound to the clauses, terms and conditions set in the contract.

  • New York City Employer and Landlord Alert: Preventing Against Gender Identity Discrimination

    Experts estimate that there are more than 25,000 transgender and gender non-conforming people that reside in New York City. As a result, it is very important that New York City employers and landlords become familiar with their obligations when addressing the gender identity of their employees or tenants. The failure to do so can result in hefty fines and discrimination claims brought against offenders.

  • What California Real Estate Investors Should Know about Commercial Leases

    Real estate investment can take many forms and offers many ways to obtain a return on one’s investment.

  • When Landlords May be Held Liable for Damages Even when there are No Damages Clauses

    There are various clauses and terms and conditions that apply to leases and contracts between landlord and tenant. However, landlords may still be liable for damages due to state laws, regulations and stipulations within standard agreements.

  • Real Estate and the Exception for Reasonable Wear and Tear

    Buyers initiate a deal to purchase real estate with the intent to buy something that is maintained, kept up to standards and that is whole upon the date to move into it. However, when the property is rented or leased, it is the tenant that must ensure the real estate unit is kept in good condition even through the standard wear and tear.

  • When Insurance May Not Cover Issues in Real Estate

    When someone purchases a property, it is advised to also buy associated insurance for a myriad of protections. A policy could protect from fires, floods, theft and similar concerns. However, it is crucial to understand what types of safety are not provided in these types of coverage as well.

  • Real Estate Law: What Is Unlawful Detainer?

    Real estate evictions are often difficult to accomplish based on the state, the tenant and landlord laws and what is permitted. Typically, an eviction is granted to the owner or manager of a rental or lease property where someone pays rent or makes payments on a lease.

  • Can You Legally Smoke Marijuana in Federally Subsidized Housing?

    There are multiple states that permit the smoking of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use when at home. These laws do not usually extend to the public areas where standard smoking of cigarettes, pipes and cigars are allowed.

  • Legal Aspects of Commercial Lease Guarantees

    When renting, leasing or purchasing property, it is vital that the agreement signed which contractually binds two parties together is understood fully. This may mean reading it and asking questions for clarification, hiring a lawyer to assist with the documentation or similar situations.

  • Legal Effect of Condo Offering Plans

    Lease or purchase of a condo, apartment or similar unit is usually handled through a contractual agreement in standard arrangements. There are certain conditions stipulated through these documents, and both parties have clear outlined terms about various issues. This means that when a condo is offered through a plan or special circumstances, there are legal effects that take place.

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