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  • The Basics of the Ethicon Physiomesh™ Recall Class Action in Canada

    Hernia Mesh victims from Canada have started a class action lawsuit against Ethicon Inc. over injuries allegedly caused by the company’s physiomesh™, hernia mesh. Some Canadian citizens are unaware of their right to file an individual hernia mesh lawsuit in the United States' Federal Courts. Individual lawsuits mean you get to hire and control your own hernia mesh attorney acting on your behalf and in your best interest

  • Federal Law and Consumer Credit Scores

    With the exception of your Social Security number, no other number has more of an impact on your life than the impact made by your credit score. Credit scores influence lender decisions on whether to offer you credit cards and loans for big ticket items, such as a home and automobile. Even employers use credit scores as one factor in determining the qualifications of a job applicant.

  • What Damages Expert Witnesses Do

    There are various types of damages that may be awarded to the victim in a claim for compensation. When the case involves an injury or incident that caused damage of some sort, there are monetary payouts provided to the plaintiff party when the court case is successful.

  • Managing Risks and Investigations in Construction Litigation with an Expert Witness

    Construction litigation is rife with complications, difficulties, risks and numerous types of investigations. These may be more in number when involved with commercial constructions projects, and injuries are often possible during these incidents.

  • Medicare Fraud and Expert Witnesses

    Fraud is a serious crime that often affect multiple persons simultaneously. When someone’s personal information has been stolen and used in this manner, he or she may find credit being used, bank accounts empty and numerous other concerns that may alter the life of the victim.

  • Expert Witnesses Explain Potential Legal Issues with Autonomous Vehicles

    The future has arrived, and it is showing the public that it includes vehicles that drive themselves. However, there are various issues that these cars may raise because of injuries, accidents and similar concerns. Many problems with these types of advancements in the world deal with how technology keeps outpacing the law, law enforcement and keeping legal matters settled.

  • Hurricane Expert Witnesses Provide Testimony in Court

    Inclement weather is often difficult to survive, and the more severe it is, the more complicated its issues are to resolve. Many that are not affected by hurricanes, tornados and floods do not understand how assistance and compensation are needed when insurance and other help are not received when they are needed the most.

  • Expert Witnesses Explain Damages in Airbag Defect Cases

    Airbag defects in vehicles that collide with others may lead to severe injury or death. This may be due to the untimely deployment or the lack of the airbag coming out of the compartment. Other complications arise when the airbag is not created correctly, has materials that are harmful or substances that leak and various other concerns.

  • What to Do When a Commercial Tenant Vacates Before the Lease Expiration Date

    It is rarely welcome news for a commercial landlord to discover that a tenant has vacated its leased premises prior to the expiration of the lease term, or that the tenant intends to do so. This is especially true when the failure of the tenant’s business, and not the tenant’s desire to expand or relocate, is the driving force behind the premature exit.

  • I Was Injured by Leaking Battery Acid. Can I Sue the Store and the Product Manufacturer?

    Every year, thousands of individuals are injured in stores due to slips and falls, falling objects or even criminal activity. When an injury occurs in a store, the store owner may be held liable for the injury. However, if the product was defective in some manner, the manufacturer may retain some of the legal liability.

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