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  • How Does an Expert Witness Help with Business Valuation?

    Setting up procedures that are used to determine and estimate the financial value of the interest of a business owned by a person is business valuation. It is used for the market and what may be used as a starting point in pricing for the sale of a company.

  • How Do I Get the Other Side to Pay My Legal Fees?

    When a lawsuit occurs, there are many litigation expenses that directly affect those funds in a settlement, determination from a judge or jury and for the outcome of a suit. These reduce that compensation awarded after a successful case has concluded.

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

    Personal injury claims are almost always restricted for filing by a time limitation based on the state and the injury being claimed. The circumstances surrounding the incident may allow for certain extensions, but the time frame to file for a claim is often controlled by what is known as a statute of limitations.

  • EPA Investigation of Dodge RAM, Jeep Grand Cherokee Emissions Prompts Class Action Lawsuits Against Chrysler

    The EPA has launched an investigation into potential emissions cheating by Chrysler on Dodge RAM and Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel models. A pair of class action lawsuits have been filed against Chrysler on behalf of drivers who purchased or leased one of the affected vehicles. Drivers who owned or leased affected Dodge RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, Dodge RAM 2500, Dodge RAM 3500, or Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel models may qualify to take legal action.

  • Top Class Action Lawsuit Questions

    Class action lawsuits are occurring with greater frequency due to so many multiple party litigation cases. When a company has harmed or injured numerous individuals, it is possible that a case against the business is possible with everyone aggrieved attached.

  • What to Expect at a Personal Injury Trial

    When an individual has a personal injury case, he or she must first find a lawyer for litigation. After the claim has been accepted as valid and has potential to proceed, there are many actions that occur before the trial process.

  • Expert Witness: Common Factors that Contribute to Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents are among the general vehicular incidents on the road that lead to property damage, injury and death. When a truck collides with a smaller or less equipped car, the truck usually is damaged less, and those inside the bigger vehicle tend to have fewer injuries.

  • Exclusive Dealing Under the U.S. Antitrust Laws

    Are you unable to compete for certain customers because those customers are bound by exclusive-dealing agreements with your competitors? Or are you a competitor who has or is considering an exclusive-dealing agreement?

  • Can an Expert Witness be Sued?

    In usual circumstances, an expert witness is provided immunity from lawsuit. This is due to an immunity doctrine established by the United States Supreme Court in 1983.

  • What Does the Average Personal Injury Case Look Like?

    The average personal injury case does not exist when it comes to compensation or negotiation. However, most of the proceedings are similar if not the same from each claim filed. These events process with stages from beginning to end that usually have the same steps.

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