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  • Action Plans for Parents Considering Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim on Behalf of Their Children

    When a child is harmed during a medical procedure, the parent is usually the person that has to consider filing a claim for medical malpractice. However, there are some well-informed young persons that know when this should occur and when the issue is merely a bad outcome and not malpractice.

  • What to Do if Injured by a Doctor

    There are many instances where a person has been harmed by a doctor during a medical procedure. When these incidents occur, one course of action is to seek compensation for additional treatment that is necessary for resolving the injuries that occurred with the initial physician.

  • Hospital Negligence

    If you or a loved one is hospitalized because of an injury or illness, you are putting your health and safety in the hands of medical professionals.

  • Risks of PROM During Pregancy

    Pregnant women often refer to their “water breaking” when talking about childbirth. This refers to the rupturing of the membranes around the amniotic sac and chorion, which results in amniotic fluid leaking out.

  • A Patient's Guide to Medical Malpractice Cases

    Medical malpractice cases, for a normal patient, can be frightening and difficult to comprehend. Often, the patient, or the patient’s family, is reeling and in a state of disbelief, or even denial, that they, like thousands of other patients, have been harmed by medical malpractice. So after a patient or family member has been harmed or injured by a doctor or nurse, the patient or family member may ask: “What do we do next?” or “What do we do now?”

  • More Infections from Surgical Device

    A heating and cooling device used during surgical procedures has recently been linked to serious and fatal infections at three Pennsylvania hospitals.

  • Medical Malpractice Cases Involving the Impact of Testosterone on Intellectual Functioning

    Testosterone has been linked with heart attack and disease risks that could lead to serious injury or death. Every single male that consumes this product has a chance of danger at some level, but there tends to be a higher possibility for harm in those younger than 65 years of age.

  • Medical Malpractice Claims Based on the Side Effects of Testosterone

    There are a vast variety of hormones and vitamins that are on the market and available online for purchase by consumers. While some of these may work as directed, there are numerous others that are both harmful and ineffective despite claims to the contrary.

  • When Doctors Prescribe Dangerous Drugs to Elder Patients Who Fall

    Patients that receive prescription treatment from a physician of an advanced age may increase their risk of falls and injury. It is difficult for many older persons to coordinate from place to place with greater and further distance, but adding many different medications to these acts have heightened possibilities of causing harm to these individuals. Some medical professionals do not take the normal aches and pains into account when prescribing certain pills and substances for elder patients.

  • How to Handle Doubts about Medical Treatment

    There are a vast variety of medical insurance carriers, plans, contracts and programs available for consumers to choose from both through work, staffing agencies, independently and through assistance. It is often difficult to choose the correct one that matches everything needed by the individual.

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