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  • Uberís $1 Million Insurance Plan: What You Need to Know After an Uber Crash

    Who pays when you are injured in an Uber accident? An attorney explains compensation for drivers, passengers and third parties.

  • Injured in a Car Crash, Where Do I File Suit? Indiana Venue Laws

    If you are injured in an accident and want to file suit against the negligent party you will need to know where your claim should be filed. Here, we describe the venue laws in Indiana to help you make that decision.

  • Whose Insurance Pays after a Texas Car Accident?

    If you are in a car accident in Texas, the degree of fault plays an important role in determining whose insurance pays for your damages. If you were at fault, you can file a claim with your own insurance, and if another driver was at fault, you should be able to file a claim with his insurance. For crashes with uninsured drivers or hit and run accidents, insurance claims can get much more complicated.

  • How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

    Determining which party is at fault for an accident is a critical step in the process of filing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit. The determination of fault has a direct connection with the outcome of a claim and case. Parties may disagree as to who was at fault for the accident, but some of the following principles may apply.

  • Can Injured Passengers Sue?

    When a person is injured while a passenger in a vehicle, he or she may be entitled to monetary compensation for the damages that he or she sustained. The ability to recover and the amount of recovery is based on a number of factors.

  • Common Types of Auto Insurance Claim Damages in California

    California has a compulsory automobile insurance system. This means that all drivers and automobile owners must have liability insurance coverage for their autos at all times when operating on California roadways. The purpose of this compulsory system is to require coverage to ensure the recovery of money damages against negligent drivers who cause accidents. What follows is an outline of the types of damages that a valid California liability policy could pay for in the event of an accident.

  • Have You Been Injured by Your Carís Airbag?

    Learn what the common injuries that come from malfunctioning airbags from Takata.

  • Is an Auto Insurance Claim my Best Option after Suffering Injuries in a California Auto Accident?

    If you suffer injuries that require relatively minor medical treatment, you can often recover the costs associated with property damage and injuries by filing an insurance claim.

  • What to Do if the Person You Lent Your Car to Is in an Accident with your Vehicle

    A situation may arise in which you lend your vehicle to a family member, neighbor, friend or roommate. While you may agree to lend your vehicle to someone else, you likely do not anticipate that you will be legally liable for their actions. However, situations exist in which your insurance coverage will be utilized for a claim or in which you are legally liable for damages that result from this third partyís actions.

  • Benefits of Medical Care on a Lien Basis

    Even car accidents that cause only minor damage to vehicles can cause significant bodily harm. When injury does arise from another person's negligent act, it is critical that medical attention and documentation. But who is going to pay for all those doctor bills? More importantly, when are they going to pay? Lawsuits take time to prosecute and can leave doctor bills piling up! Fortunately, many doctors will provide treatment on a lien basis.

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