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  • How an Expert Witness Uses Biomechanics Knowledge in Seatbelt Defect Cases

    Personal injury claims usually must have the elements of the case include proof that the defending party’s actions caused the incident. This makes the individual responsible for the damages owed. In order to refute this, the alleged person uses his or her lawyer to assist in showing that he or she could not be accountable due to a lack of evidence.

  • Expert Witness: How Does the Amount of Alcohol a Person Drinks Impair Judgment and Ability to Drive?

    When someone drinks before or during a drive, his or her blood alcohol level tends to rise. It is when it is above the legal limit of .08 percent that the person may be expecting a driving under the influence violation when pulled over.

  • What Is My Automotive Accident Case Worth?

    Car crash cases often are confusing when determining damages that are owed to the victim. This is usually due to various misconceptions that the victim may seek as much as he or she wants based on other lawsuits where millions were allocated to the injured parties.

  • Things to Avoid Saying after a Car Accident

    Involvement in car accidents often includes fear, anxiousness, nerves and fright. This may lead to words being spoken and actions taken that should be avoided. It is best to understand what to do and what to prevent from occurring after an incident on the road has transpired. With the knowledge of how to proceed, it is possible to avert later complications.

  • Who Do I Sue if the Driver of the Other Car – Is the Car Itself?

    With advancements in technology, there has been a new type of driving procedure where the car is able to drive itself with extensive software that provides navigation, coordinates for geographical data and sensory information to avoid hitting other vehicles and obeying road laws. However, even with the most advanced technology, it is still possible that an accident may occur.

  • Roundabouts Can Curb Accidents

    According to the Federal Highway Administration, approximately 40% of car accidents and over 20% of traffic fatalities in the United States take place at busy intersections.

  • What North Carolina’s Implied Consent Law Means for Your DWI

    Under North Carolina law, all in-state and out-of-state drivers give their “implied consent” to a chemical analysis of their blood alcohol content (BAC) after an arrest for driving while impaired (DWI). Refusing to submit to a chemical analysis can potentially have serious consequences for your driving privileges and your defense strategy in court.

  • Are Black Boxes Required in Commercial Trucks?

    Before the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration initiated a plan to ensure black boxes are required in all commercial trucks, this was not necessary. While many of these larger trucks did have hardware considered or similar to a black box, it was not a necessity by the trucking company.

  • Pursuing Compensation after a Drunk Driving Accident

    Drunk driving collisions are a plague on the roads. There is almost one-third of all accidents where fatalities are involved with a drunk driver.

  • Unmasking Some of the Myths about Car Accident Claims

    When a car collision claim is imminent, there are many who cling to the myths available about what to do, how to proceed, what may occur and what to seek. It is important to cast these myths aside, because they often create false expectations.

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