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  • Can I Sue a Rental Car Company for an Automotive Accident?

    Accidents on the road, in traffic and when driving on freeways is common and occurs with frequency in the United States. Some of these incidents involve rental cars where the driver has insurance, while in other instances of these wrecks, the driver does not have insurance.

  • What You Need to Know About Uberís $1 Million Insurance Plan

    When two vehicles are involved in a car crash, establishing liability and which insurance company should pay may be fairly straightforward. However, if one of the vehicles was used in a rideshare program at the time of the accident, the situation can become more difficult.

  • Obese Drivers at Risk

    It is undeniable that obesity is an epidemic in the United States. Now, several highly-respected studies have come out showing that in addition to the array of health problems obese people face, they are more likely to be fatally injured in car accidents.

  • How Facebook Live Can Lead to Accidents

    The age of technology has proven to be catastrophic to the young when pairing electronics and driving. Facebook takes up more time for some than any other hobby, even when the person is a passenger or operating a vehicle. It is these circumstances that often prove fatal to some.

  • Legal Options for When an Insurance Claim Is Denied

    After an accident where injuries have been sustained, the victim usually attempts to collect compensation from his or her insurance company before any other avenues are explored. However, these insurance carriers deny claims often and sometimes with little provocation or explanation.

  • Fatigued Drivers Who Injure Others in Truck Accidents

    Drivers often injure other persons that are on the road. Truckers may cause severe situations where death happens as well as serious harm to passenger vehicle drivers. When someone has been overworked and cannot continue without some sleep or rest, it is these times where a collision has the greatest chances of occurring.

  • Mistakes that can Ruin Your Car Accident Case

    When building a case for a car accident incident, there are many common mistakes that are made that assist in a negative response from a jury panel or judge. It is important to understand what these mistakes are and how to avoid them.

  • Why Truck Accident Claims Are So Complicated

    Truck accidents involve many different factors. One of these is the possibility that multiple individuals are affected by the collision that occurs through just one truck incident. When the sudden stop of a truck driver occurs, he or she may initiate a group accident as other drivers of passenger vehicles run into the much larger truck.

  • Trucking Company Liability Due to Improper Loading

    Personal injury cases are often caused by various factors that lead to wounds and harm to an individual or group of persons. This may be applied to large trucks that have cargo loaded into the back.

  • Ways Settling a Car Accident Case for a Child is Different than for an Adult

    Car accident incidents are often confusing already when they only concern one person and only one injury. However, when multiple types of individuals or other factors are included, these events are complicated and difficult to resolve. Children involved in a car accident case may already be traumatized to the point of nonverbal communication.

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