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  • Spot Delivery Scam

    This type of car buying scam gets its name from purchasers who are sold vehicles “on the spot.” The dealership says that the buyer has been approved for the vehicle, but he or she is later told that the financing fell through. There may be some consumer protections to help affected buyers, and there are certainly ways to avoid this common scam.

  • Should I Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against Volkswagen?

    All over the news are stories about Volkswagen cheating their emissions tests to improve sales and get approval for their vehicles. This has left millions of consumers feeling betrayed, cheated, and angry. As a result, many wonder what their legal options are. Chief among those options is the question of whether to join one of the many class action suits against VW.

  • “As-Is” Vehicles

    When a person buys a used vehicle marked “as-is,” he or she must take great care in determining what this legal definition connotes. Additionally, he or she should be aware of any legal basis that may be available if such a vehicle stops working shortly after the purchase.

  • I Was Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

    Being involved in a hit and run accident can be confusing because the person who is at fault may not have been identified. However, the accident victim still has to handle other aspects of his or her case, such as seeking medical attention and initiating the claims process.

  • Car Dealer Fraud, What Can I Do?

    You spend days, maybe even weeks, sifting through ads and reviews, trying to find the perfect automobile for you. When you do, you seal the deal, sign the paperwork, and drive it off the lot only to discover that you have been had. What can you do?

  • Pregnant Drivers: Risk for Car Crash Spikes in Second Trimester

    Researchers from Canada have identified a new health risk to worry about during pregnancy: car accident injuries.

  • Why did the Price of My Vehicle Go Up?

    Question: I traded my 2008 Dodge Ram in 2012 due to high payments and hardship. I only had one more year to go but it became overwhelming, so I went to the dealership. I told them that I didn’t have down but that my equity should cover that. I was offered a 2009 Mercury Milan. The price was listed at $13,000. The dealership gave me $2,000 credit for my truck, dropping the price of the Milan to $11,000.

  • Do I Have the Right to an Accessory Based on a Car Window Sticker?

    In some instances, buyers of vehicles may rely on extraneous sources when thinking about what is included in the purchase of a used vehicle. For example, they may look at a sticker produced by a third-party that describes the standard equipment that is installed with the vehicle when it is new. However, the equipment and accessories that are currently installed on the vehicle may be different, potentially causing confusion.

  • The Mechanic Damaged My Vehicle - What Can I Do?

    Question: I took my car in for service and when it was returned, my transmission was no longer working properly. The mechanic said that he didn’t do anything to it, but the vehicle was working perfectly when I left it at his place of business. I am not sure what type of lawyer I need or what I can do about the situation.

  • Sleeping Pill Use Increases Car Accident Risk

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of adults get less than the seven to nine hours of sleep typically needed by most people.

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