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  • Can Bicyclists be Liable for Traffic Accidents

    Bicyclists are sometimes the reason a traffic accident occurs. While these incidents are not common, they may be catastrophic depending on the factors of the situation. If the bicyclist swerved into oncoming traffic, he or she may have just caused one vehicle to collide with another.

  • To Uber or Not To Uber? That Is the Question

    Youíve probably heard of Uberóthe smartphone app that allows you to call a cab to your doorstep in a matter of minutes. Itís a widely adopted use of modern technology, and itís very, very popular, especially in metropolitan areas.

  • How to Get the Maximum Payout Youíre Entitled To From the Insurance Company Without the Hassle

    When youíre injured in a car accident, youíll definitely be in touch with insurance companies. Some are faster than others, and they all want to get you your money. But, of course, the money they offer is usually way, way less than what they may owe, and that puts you in a very tough position. On one hand, you can get your money all up front, and then youíll be done with any paperwork and additional hassle.

  • Civil Consequences of DUI

    Driving under the influence is illegal in every state of the country. The consequences of these actions often are criminal charges with potential fines, jail or prison terms, suspension of driverís license and various other similar issues. However, what many may be unaware of is that civil cases may be filed against the perpetrator of these acts as well as criminal.

  • Things about Your Life You Must Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney

    Here's a list of some things your personal injury attorney must know about you in order to properly approach your case and get you the best financial outcome possible.

  • California Waste, Trash and Garbage Truck Accidents - The Danger Is Real

    Theyíre massive, heavy, cumbersome, they donít turn easily, they have blind spots, move in a jerky fashion, have to frequently back up and they can be deadly. They are unlike other trucks because their movements are unpredictable and erratic, and thatís even if the driver is properly trained and attentive. The dangers of garbage, waste, trash and recycling trucks to pedestrians, children playing, the elderly, people walking dogs, talking to neighbors, getting the mail or driving cars are real.

  • Texting, Pedestrians and Injury

    Drivers have various risks attached to them when on the road, highway, freeway, interstate or in traffic. Among these risks is the phenomenon of texting. While this issue does not affect those that do not handle their phones when operating a vehicle, they may still be injured by others that do use this device for texting and on the road.

  • Drunk Driving Causes Another Wrongful Death
      by Lavent Law

    Car accidents remain one of the leading causes of accidental death in America. Sadly, accidents caused by drunk drivers not only make up a significant portion of these, but are also some of the most overwhelming because of how completely unnecessary and avoidable they are.

  • Pedestrian Accidents and Comparative Negligence

    When a pedestrian is struck by a moving vehicle, catastrophe often follows. A pedestrian has limited protection against a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. However, one defense that the driver may attempt to use is comparative negligence.

  • Pedestrian Liability in Vehicular Accidents

    Accidents between a pedestrian and a car can be some of the most dangerous kinds of vehicular incidents in terms of the possibility for serious personal injury or death. The weight and momentum of a vehicle, combined with the lack of protection inherent to being a pedestrian makes it so that even a low speed collision can cause grievous injuries to the people involved.

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