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Personal injury law refers to the legal remedies and defenses involved in civil lawsuits brought as a result of wrongful conduct. In fact, the word ďtortĒ comes from a Latin term meaning twist, wrong, or harm. In contrast to criminal law, a tort action does not involve the government prosecuting the wrongdoer. Rather, these cases involve a private plaintiff seeking compensation (usually money) for the harm caused by the defendantís actions.

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  • Keurig Penalty for Mini Plus Coffee Brewing System

    Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.ís will pay a $5.8 million penalty as a result of its failure to report products that Keurig knew were unsafe and causing serious injuries to consumers nationwide.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Initial Personal Injury Consultation

    In the aftermath of an accident caused by someone else, you could be facing life disrupting injuries rendering you unable to work. The medical expenses you may incur could also be significant. Once you decide to seek legal representation to deal with this situation, it's critical to the success of your case to find the lawyer who can offer the most helpful support.

  • Medical Expert Witnesses Needed for Negligence in Hazardous Chemical Cases

    Hazardous chemicals are both dangerous and lethal to humans when they come into contact with the skin or are inhaled. Some chemicals are such a risk to the health of a person that not having a breathing mask could lead to death quickly. There are many compounds that may be created which could harm someone, and numerous chemicals found in homes or buildings could lead to the same dangerous results.

  • Fault for Stair Accidents

    Thousands are injured each year in slip and fall accidents, many of which occur on stairs. Premises liability laws require that the owner of a property, whether commercial, government, or private must maintain it so that people can walk safely throughout public areas.

  • Responsibility for a Dangerous Product

    Product liability laws are designed to keep consumers safe from harm by the products they use in their daily lives. Without these strict legal standards, manufacturers and retailers would not be accountable to ensure the things they design, create, and sell are safe for use by the general public. Product liability laws also ensure that the items we purchase work as intended, upholding the promises of their warranties.

  • Baltimore City Accident Settlement

    The city of Baltimore recently settled a lawsuit involving a high-speed chase with city police. The Board of Estimates, which is overseen by Mayor Catherine Pugh, will be distributing a $500,000 settlement to the families of three people who were injured in a collision involving a vehicle being pursued by Baltimore police.

  • Whatís Included in a Catastrophic Injury Claim in New York?

    In New York, catastrophic injury claims can cover more than just the upfront financial costs for hospitalization and treatment of the immediate injury. Victims of catastrophic injuries can seek compensation for anything else they may need as a result of their injuries and the lifestyle changes that may accompany them.

  • Takata Agrees to Pay $1 Billion to Settle Faulty Airbag Charges

    The cover-up by the Takata executive have also lead to federal charges.

  • Should I Report a Slip and Fall Accident?

    A slip and fall accident should always be reported if you were hurt on another personís property. Not only will it document the incident, but it will also allow the issue to be corrected to prevent others from repeating what just occurred.

  • Lyft Drop Off Incorrect, Refused Return Ride. Can I Sue?

    There are many specialized terms and conditions when getting rides through Lyft. It is important to read through these carefully, as it is possible to end in a situation that is not preferred. However, it is important to contact the Lyft management if a problem occurs.

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