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  • Easy Worker Health Initiatives You Can Implement in Your Workplace

    Whether business owners realize it or not, worker health and safety plays a major role in managing the costs of running an operation. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that estimates of employers’ costs for workers’ compensation alone equal roughly $1 billion every single week in the United States. That’s a substantial sum and one that doesn’t factor in other indirect costs incurred by businesses due to their employees’ injury and illness.

  • Essential Tips from an Expert Witness in a Slip, Trip and Fall Case

    Injuries and cases of slips, trips and falls are prominent in certain industries and with the elderly. It is important to understand how to avoid these complications, and why those harmed in the process need certain compensation. Many slips and trips occur in building with floor hazards, but these may occur at home due to wires, carpets and obstacles.

  • Medical Expert Witnesses Needed for Negligence in Hazardous Chemical Cases

    Hazardous chemicals are both dangerous and lethal to humans when they come into contact with the skin or are inhaled. Some chemicals are such a risk to the health of a person that not having a breathing mask could lead to death quickly. There are many compounds that may be created which could harm someone, and numerous chemicals found in homes or buildings could lead to the same dangerous results.

  • Lyft Drop Off Incorrect, Refused Return Ride. Can I Sue?

    There are many specialized terms and conditions when getting rides through Lyft. It is important to read through these carefully, as it is possible to end in a situation that is not preferred. However, it is important to contact the Lyft management if a problem occurs.

  • Expert Witness Explains Building Codes in Slip and Fall Cases

    Getting the building and safety codes correct in any case is vital. When the expert cites or reports the wrong codes for a litigation case, the credibility and reliability of testimony is reduced in the eyes of a judge or jury panel. This means that the case is not as strong and the chances of success are lessened.

  • Information that an Expert Witness May Explain in Sport Concussion Cases

    Concussion injuries are common when someone plays sports. Because of this, there are many litigation cases that arise through accidents and unintentional harm. It is often important to seek the assistance of both a personal injury lawyer and an expert witness to explain how sport concussions affect the victim of the incident.

  • Expert Witness on the Serious Consequences of Inhaling Mold during Career or in Home

    When mold is prevalent in a home or in a business setting, it may lead to serious health consequences. This substance may be a concern that started with a construction defect, through the upkeep or maintenance of a landlord or landlady or when repairs are completed.

  • Expert Witness Explains the Harmful Effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and How to Recover Damages

    Carbon monoxide may lead to poisoning, injury and death when someone has been exposed to too much of the gas. It is colorless and odorless, so it cannot be see or smelled but it may be see in smoke. However, because it weighs less than oxygen, it spreads quickly.

  • Deciding Which Personal Injury Lawyer Is Best for Your Case

    Personal injuries usually require the need for a lawyer if litigation is necessary. This means that choosing a legal representative demands research of both the person and his or her firm. Pricing options, consultation of the issue, the expertise of the lawyer and various other elements of the search are necessary.

  • FAQs on Negligent Security

    Security in a commercial enterprise, industrial establishment and residential housing is important to maintain both in manpower and in procedures.

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