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  • Hospital Falls

    Slips, trips and fall accidents can cause serious injury. Head trauma, cuts, lacerations, broken bones and internal injuries can result when victims fall down a stairway, slip on ice or wet surfaces, or trip over a loose carpet edge.

  • What Does the Law Say About Underage Drinking in Colleges?

    Drinking in colleges has risen over the years, causing many parents, college directors and students to question how to curb this behavior. Whether a college is liable for any injuries that result due to alcohol consumption depends on the applicable courtís assessment of traditional and modern considerations.

  • Slip & Fall Back Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

    Slipping, tripping, and falling can lead to severe back injuries. This is especially true in the elderly, or people with preexisting conditions.

  • Dunkiní Donuts Sip and Fall Settlement

    According to a lawsuit filed in Middlesex County Superior Court, a woman who purchased multiple coffees at Dunkiní Donuts in Highland Park, New Jersey, sustained slip and fall injuries after she tripped over an exposed spike in the parking lot of the establishment.

  • Three Things You Should Never Tell Your Insurance Company

    Your insurance agent may be a friendly individual and perhaps even someone with whom you socialize on occasion. But no matter how friendly or sociable your agent is, the insurance company he or she represents can be your worst enemy following a personal injury or automobile accident. Despite popular slogans and advertisements, insurance companies will routinely attempt to settle a claim for as little money as possible. After all, it is the way they make money.

  • Sidewalk Liability is Property Owner's Responsibility

    The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that a condominium homeownersí association should be held liable for injuries sustained by an individual after slipping on a sidewalk where ice had not been cleared.

  • 4 Tactics to a Better Premises Liability Case

    You have to deal with the insurance company in every premises liability case. For that reason, there are several things to bear in mind. Insurance companies will use various tactics in the hope of convincing you that your claim is not that serious.

  • Loss of Income or Lost Earning Capacity? Know the Difference

    When people imagine car accidents, they think of the physical pain that the victim suffers, or the trauma of the accident itself. What people donít realize is that car accidents can cost a lot of money.

  • What if you Get in a Crash while on Vacation?

    Summer travel is one of our country's favorite activities. With nearly 60% of Americans planning to travel more than 100 miles from home, it's no surprise that once in a while, we'll get a call. Accidents happen. Even on vacation.

  • Car Hit on Private Property, Who is Liable?

    When accidents occur on the road, we all know that the first thing you do is call the police to report the accident, exchange insurance information, and document the scene. But, what do you do when an accident occurs on private property? Who is liable, especially if the other driver leaves the scene?

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