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  • The ďPop-Up-Keyboard" Defense: How Apps, Mobile Phones, and "Terms of Use" Work Together

    Unlike the Blackberry keyboards of yesteryears, your smartphone probably has a pop-up touch-screen keyboard. Recently, the Northern District of California took issue with this modern design, and denied Uberís motion to compel arbitration because a pop-up keyboard blocked Uberís Terms and Conditions from view while a user registered for the app.

  • Toxic Mix between Employees and Social Media Use

    Social media has been utilized shortly after its inception by the companyís with owners that understand how it may be used to influence and garner a greater amount of consumers. When the media advertises the products or services of a company, the public becomes aware of what is available, how to purchase it and what business to remember when the item is well liked.

  • Ins and Outs of the Defend Trade Secrets Acts

    The Defend Trade Secrets Act was initially implemented as law in 2016. It provides for a federal, private, civil cause of action for any trade-secret misuse or theft where someone that owns a the trade secret may bring civil action through a lawsuit if the trade secret information that is connected to a product or service that has been put into use for interstate or oversees business.

  • Stop and Frisk

    In 2011, the City of Philadelphia entered into a Consent Decree to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging the Philadelphia Police Department was conducting pedestrian stops (known as Terry stops) based on race. Pursuant to the Consent Decree, the City shares with the ACLU of Pennsylvania and its co-counsel, and an independent court monitor, stop and frisk data for review and analysis.

  • Found Out at the Airport that I Am Blacklisted. Now What?

    Getting blacklisted at an airport is often confusing. There are certain specifics that are provided to United States citizens in how this occurs with airports in the country, but other lands may have requirements that may not be fully comprehended unless further study and research are performed.

  • Hotel Security Cameras Found in Room, Is that Legal?

    Placing security cameras in various places in a hotel may be a touchy subject when it comes to privacy and where these may be. As the technological age advances, there are many devices that become smaller and ever present in the lives of citizens in countries with machines that are affordable.

  • Private Investigators Uncover Invisible Resumes Online and Related Documents

    A private investigator is often tasked with the responsibility of finding information that is hidden from view of the public. One such source of information that a private investigator may look into is an online resume.

  • Private Investigation and E-Discovery: Voice and Audio Files

    E-discovery may be necessary in certain legal cases. This means that records may be made through electronic devices for use by the consumer and communications created in this manner may be admitted as evidence for either the plaintiff or defending party.

  • Can My Employer Fire Me if I Fail a Company-ordered Polygraph?

    In many cases, employers are not permitted to use polygraphs to test employees or job applicants. However, depending on the state and the type of employment, such tests may be permissible.

  • How Can I Protect My Trade Secrets When I Enter into a Business Contract with Another Company?

    When the creator of a trade secret must do business with another business, it is important that the secrets that are often disclosed to other business are protected as much as possible.

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